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Dietrich College News
Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Carnegie Mellon University

February 2012
Visual Attention: How The Brain Works To Select What We (Want To) See
Image of the parietal cortexIf you are looking for a particular object - say a yellow pencil - on a cluttered desk, how does your brain work to visually locate it?

For the first time, a team led by CMU neuroscientists has identified how different neural regions communicate to determine what to visually pay attention to and what to ignore. This finding is a major discovery for visual cognition and will guide future research into visual and attention deficit disorders.

The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, used various brain imaging techniques to show exactly how the visual cortex and parietal cortex send direct information to each other through white matter connections in order to specifically pick out the information that you want to see.

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Susan G. Polansky Reappointed As Head Of Modern Languages Department

Susan G. Polansky
has been reappointed as head of Carnegie Mellon University's
Department of Modern Languages. Her second term will begin July 1. 

"Susan has effectively led and strengthened the Modern Languages Department's research and education missions," said John Lehoczky, dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. "The department plays a crucial role for our students - teaching them to appreciate and understand other cultures as well as preparing them to live and work in our global world. I look forward to working with Susan to further advance the department's strong teaching units and cutting-edge curricula."


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World Bank President Visits

Robert ZoellickStudents lined the walls of Carnegie Mellon University's Kresge Theatre for last week's visit by Robert Zoellick, 11th President of the World Bank Group.

"Mr. Zoellick brings a truly global perspective to issues related to the intersection of politics, culture, markets and technology," said Kiron Skinner, associate professor of social and decision sciences and director of CMU's Center for International Relations and Politics (CIRP).

Skinner is one of the country's most renowned experts in international relations, U.S. foreign policy and political strategy.

"When Kiron asked me to come to Carnegie Mellon, I was very interested because I have great respect for her work," Zoellick said.

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Cooking To Teach History
Michael TwittyOn Feb. 16, Michael W. Twitty served up okra soup, black-eyed peas and leafy greens with a side of history.

In his talk, "More Than Slave Food: The African Roots of American Foodways," the culinary historian discussed food's critical role in the development and definition of African-American civilization and the politics of consumption and cultural ownership.

His study of foodways focuses on how people relate to food and how people cultivate between food, philosophy, culture and society.

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Obituary: Alumnus Jeffrey Zaslow, Co-Author of The Last Lecture
Jeff Zaslow
Best-selling author, longtime Wall Street Journal columnist and Carnegie Mellon alumnus Jeffrey Zaslow (DC'80) died Friday, Feb. 10 from injuries suffered in an automobile accident in northern Michigan. He was 53. 
Zaslow, who majored in Creative Writing, may be best remembered at Carnegie Mellon for co-authoring "The Last Lecture" with the late CMU Computer Science Professor Randy Pausch.

After driving 300 miles from Detroit to Pittsburgh to attend Pausch's now world-famous presentation in CMU's McConomy Auditorium, Zaslow wrote about it poignantly and memorably in his widely read Wall Street Journal column, "Moving On."

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"Shapira Challenge" To Benefit
Dietrich College
David Shapira, a Carnegie Mellon life trustee and former board chairman, along with his wife Cindy, and in collaboration with the Giant Eagle Foundation, are giving approximately $2.8 million to the Dietrich College via the Inspire Innovation Campaign.

Of this gift, $2 million will be used to endow the Humanities Scholars Program, and $800,000 will be used to provide a pool of matching funds as a means to encourage additional donors to the college.

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H&SS Renamed the Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Marianna Brown Dietrich

Bill Dietrich's historic gift to Carnegie Mellon and the renaming of H&SS to the Marianna Brown Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
were featured in the
September 2011 issue of Dietrich College News.

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