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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
August 2011
Welcome, Class of 2015
H&SS Orientation Dinner

It's the start of a new academic year, and last week H&SS welcomed the new first-year students - the Class of 2015 - to campus.  


On Wednesday, August 24, H&SS hosted an orientation dinner at the Carnegie Music Hall so that the students could meet H&SS faculty.

"We're trying to show you a little bit of Pittsburgh," H&SS Dean John Lehoczky said during his welcome remarks. "The Carnegie Museums are a great facility neighboring campus."

Tim Haggerty, director of the Humanities Scholars Program, planned the dinner and welcomed the new students by saying, "I don't know you yet, but your applications say that you're a talented bunch."


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CMU Press Publishes First Book Celebrating Flight 93 Temporary Memorial
Photo from An Uncommon Field Following the Sept. 11, 2001, crash of United Airlines Flight 93 into a field near Shanksville, Pa., local residents and visitors began leaving personal items behind, creating an unplanned memorial.  

"An Uncommon Field," a new book of photography and prose published by Carnegie Mellon University Press, celebrates what came to be known as the Flight 93 Temporary Memorial through the eyes of Richard Snodgrass, a Pittsburgh-based photographer and author. The first and only book on the Temporary Memorial, "An Uncommon Field" is a testament and tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 and the vast support and American spirit of those who visited the crash site.

The book consists of 92 black and white photos and 25 sections of text describing the events of Flight 93, the development of the Temporary Memorial and Snodgrass' experiences at the site.

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Attend an event: Media Memories - 9/11 Scribes.
New Brain Imaging Research Reveals Why Autistic Individuals Confuse Pronouns
Marcel Just Autism is a mysterious developmental disease because it often leaves complex abilities intact while impairing seemingly elementary ones. For example, it is well documented that autistic children often have difficulty correctly using pronouns, sometimes referring to themselves as "you" instead of "I."

A new brain imaging study published in the journal "Brain" by CMU scientists provides an explanation as to why autistic individuals' use of the wrong pronoun is more than simply a word choice problem.

Marcel Just, Akiko Mizuno and their collaborators at CMU's Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging (CCBI) found that errors in choosing a self-referring pronoun reflect a disordered neural representation of the self, a function processed by at least two brain areas - one frontal and one posterior.

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Dijital Progress
Dijital Progress Ever try to watch a DVD, only to find your TV is on the wrong input, you've got five remotes on your coffee table, and no one can help solve the problem?

Jeremy Toeman (HS'96) has your answer - a free app that turns your smart phone into a universal remote and much more.

Toeman recently became the Chief Product Officer at Dijit Media, founded by fellow Carnegie Mellon alum Maksim Ioffe (CS'02). Ioffe, Founder and CEO of Dijit, started the company in 2009, frustrated at the lack of innovation in the convergence space.

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Photos: H&SS Class of 2015 Orientation Dinner

Video: "An Uncommon Field" - First Book Celebrating Flight 93 Temporary Memorial

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Class Notes

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Memorial for
Robyn Dawes
Robyn Dawes

The campus community is invited to attend a memorial for Robyn Dawes, the Charles J. Queenan Jr. University Professor of Psychology who transformed psychological sciences and helped found the behavioral decision research field.

Speakers include CMU Provost Mark Kamlet; SDS Professors Baruch Fischhoff and George Loewenstein; former SDS PhD student Jason Dana and former SDS faculty member Cristina Bicchieri.

Thursday, September 15
4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., followed by a reception.
GSIA 322

Read more about Dawes' research and career.
H&SS Pride Day
H&SS: A Great Choice!
Please join us for a day of fun, food, games, prizes and entertainment.

Wednesday, Sept. 21
3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
CFA Lawn

For more information and to RSVP,

click here.

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