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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University
April 2011
H&SS Senior Leads Charge Against
Sex Trafficking in Pittsburgh


Jessica Dickinson Goodman

Jessica Dickinson Goodman, a senior ethics, history and public policy major and member of the Humanities Scholars Program, learned about human trafficking in high school and built on that knowledge with internships with the World Organization for Human Rights USA and as a fellow at the Polaris Project, a Washington D.C.-based organization that combats human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Both internships were generously supported by CMU alums, via the Friedman and Shaw internship grants respectively.

Now back in Pittsburgh and gearing up for her year as a Fifth Year Scholar, Dickinson Goodman has brought the fight home. She is working with Pittsburgh City Council members, local non-profits, and more than a dozen student organizations to end sex trade in Pittsburgh. Earlier this month, a bill was proposed to license all massage parlors and their employees in the city.

Read a Q&A with Dickinson Goodman.
Stress & Coping

David CreswellA simple intellectual curiosity in grad school led David Creswell to a Buddhist monastery just outside of Bordeaux, France.


He had learned that pain and suffering can be transformed through mindfulness meditation - an ancient practice of paying attention to your present-moment experience in a non-judgmental way.


By immersing himself in the practice, he was able to reinforce this truth in his own mind.


That experience sparked a new curiosity in him - exactly how does this kind of meditation help?


"Stress hormones in our bodies come from signals in the brain," said the Carnegie Mellon University assistant professor.


Read the full article.  


Podcast: Coping with Stress 

Star Power & Hollywood Films

Star PowerCary Grant. Katherine Hepburn.  

Jack Nicholson. Julia Roberts.

Throughout much of its history, Hollywood films have been star driven. Films were created for particular stars, and studios relied on the stars for box office success.

"When movies began in the early 20th century, actors weren't even named in the films because the studios though that would cause them to ask for more money," said David Shumway, professor of English. "So, fans started referring to them by generic names such as 'the Vitagraph Girl.' Eventually the studios realized a star's identity was a valuable commodity."

Shumway explores how studios used and created starts to help drive film profits in "Advanced Seminar in Film: Stars," a class he taught for the first time this semester.


Read the full article

Students Raise Awareness on Refugees' Plights in Pittsburgh

Clinton Global InitiativeA new Student College Course (StuCo) next year will teach undergraduates about the issues refugees face.

"A lot of people, even native Pittsburghers in many cases, aren't aware that Pittsburgh is home to an incredibly diverse refugee population," said Amanda Kennard, a research associate in the Center for International Relations and Politics. She, Audrey Williams and Inyoung Song have created the course 98-170: Refugee Studies in Pittsburgh, to help raise awareness on local refugee populations and their plight.

Through their proposal for the course, the students were selected earlier this year to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University Annual Meeting in early April at the University of California, San Diego.

Read the full article.

What do you miss the most about CMU?

Reunion LunchAt the first-ever H&SS Reunion Lunch during Carnival, H&SS News caught up with visiting alumni to find out what they miss the most about their time at Carnegie Mellon University.

If you weren't able to attend this year's Reunion Lunch, you can still share what you miss the most about CMU - just visit the H&SS Facebook page, click "like" and write on the wall.

You can also view photos from the H&SS Reunion Lunch at


Read what H&SS alums miss the most about CMU. 

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Photos: H&SS Reunion Lunch During Carnival

Video: "Mother Ran off the American Base in South Korea," by H&SS Senior Marci Calabretta

Video: CMU Scans Temple Grandin's Brain for Autism Research

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Find out what's going on with H&SS alumni such as William Dunstan (HS'75), David Fawcett (HS'80), Laurie Schorr MacDiarmid (HS'86), Jennifer Schaupp (HS'03) and Steven Ambrose (HS'10).

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US News & World Report:
10 College Classes That Impact the Outside World
The Information Systems Applications course, which all IS seniors take, is featured as #9 in this article.

Check it out!
Circulo Juvenil Presents
"Greening the Earth"
 Every semester, El Circulo Juvenil de Cultura organizes 10-week workshops for Spanish-speaking children in the Pittsburgh area to bring them together to learn new skills while providing an outlet for expression in Spanish.

With the help of student volunteers, this semester the class focused on "Greening the Earth," and the students will present what they learned in song and dance on Sunday, May 1 at 4p.m. in PH 125C.

The program is co-directed by Department of Modern Languages faculty members Mariana Achugar, Kenya Dworkin and Felipe Gomez.

For more information, read this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that featured Circulo Juvenil.

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