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Carnegie Mellon University
March 2011
CMU Scans Temple Grandin's Brain for Autism Research

CMU Scans Temple Grandin's Brain for Autism Research 

Leading neuroscientists from Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging use advanced MRI-based diffusion imaging to understand how autistic brains are different and what causes the disease. In this clip from the Science Channel's "Ingenious Minds" series, CMU's Marcel Just and Tim Keller scan the brain of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who is a leading advocate for autism studies and volunteer for cutting-edge research.


Watch the video at


For more information on CMU's Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging, visit


For more information on "Ingenious Minds," visit

A Look a' the Irish


Jay RoszmanThe sheer beauty of the Irish countryside and the friendliness of its people left a lasting impression on Jay Roszman (HS'10,'11).

Now a grad student in the history department, he spent a year living and studying in Belfast.

It didn't take long for him to realize just how important history is to the Irish people.

Roszman was captivated by how their understanding of the past has shaped how they see the world in which they live - and themselves.

"Thirty-plus years of terrorism crystallized this in Northern Ireland, and 'history' became both a way to build community solidarity and one's personal identity," he said.

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Improving Risk/Benefit Estimates in New Drug Trials

Alex John London 

It's all too familiar: researchers announce the discovery of a new drug that eradicates disease in animals. Then, a few years later, the drug bombs in human trials.

CMU's Alex John London argues that this pattern of boom and bust may be related to the way researchers predict outcomes of their work in early stages of drug development.

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Failure to Communicate

Baruch Fischhoff

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have forced an international spotlight on nuclear energy and its risks to society.  Conflicting reports and leadership responses about what exactly is going on with Japan's nuclear reactors have cast a cloud of uncertainty over the situation.


Baruch Fischhoff, a world-renowned risk communication expert within the social and decision sciences department, has worked on nuclear power issues intermittently since the 1970s.


"I have met many dedicated, talented, hard-working individuals in the nuclear energy industry," he said. "However, as an entity, the industry does a terrible job of communicating with the general public - both in hearing its concerns and conveying credible responses."


In 2009, Fischhoff wrote an opinion piece warning of the nuclear energy industry's communication problem and outlined steps to solve it. 


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Alum Q&A: Inyoung Song

Inyoung SongNative South Korean Inyoung Song (HS'07, HZ'11) received her Bachelor of Science degree in policy and management.  


Following graduation, she began working as a research and programming associate for Kiron Skinner and the Center for International Relations and Politics. During that time, Song helped to orchestrate a daylong conference at CMU entitled "Renewing Globalization and Economic Growth in a Post-Crisis World," which was held in conjunction with the September 2009 G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh. Song caught the eye of the South Korean delegation and was recruited to help their government plan and execute their own G-20 Summit in November 2010.  


Song is now back in Pittsburgh taking classes at Heinz and working in Skinner's lab. She recently sat down with H&SS News to talk about her experience on the global political stage.


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H&SS Reunion Lunch During Carnival
Join H&SS alumni, faculty, staff and students for the 2011 H&SS Reunion Lunch during Carnival. 

When:  Saturday, April 16 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Where:  Terrace Tent, Baker Hall

RSVP: Register at  or by calling 1-866-401-9529 by Friday, April 8 at 5pm EST.
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April 12: German music and language will come together in a Liederabend, or evening of song.


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Remembering the Triangle Fire 100 years later: Kathy Newman blogs "Mourning and Organizing."

CMU International Film Festival "Faces of Migration" Runs Though April 10

"Immigrant Nation! The Battle for a Dream" Screens April 8 and 9

Event Preview: Fire in My Belly - Art, Censorship & Controversy


H&SS Multimedia

Howard Dean Visits CMU


CMU Scans Temple Grandin's Brain for Autism Research

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