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January 2011

Thought for Food: Imagine Eating to Reduce Actual Food Consumption

Imagine eating your favorite candy bar to consume less of it.

If you're looking to lose weight, it's okay to think about eating your favorite candy bar. In fact, go ahead and imagine devouring every last bite - all in the name of your diet.


A new study led by Social and Decision Sciences' Carey Morewedge shows that when you imagine eating a certain food, it reduces your actual consumption of that food. This landmark discovery changes the decades-old assumption that thinking about something desirable increases cravings for it and its consumption.


Read the full article.    Read the NY Times article.    Watch Morewedge on ABC News. 

Michael J. Tarr Receives Professorship For His Interdisciplinary Contributions to Neuroscience
Michael J. TarrAs part of an unprecedented effort by the university to combine CMU's strengths in a variety of disciplines to shape the future of brain research, Michael J. Tarr was named the George A. and Helen Dunham Cowan Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Read the full article.

Panel Discussion: CMU Researchers Working To Improve Learning, Deal with Injuries and Disease and Build Computers That Model the Mind

Building Better Brains: A Q&A with Tarr and Mellon College of Science's Nathan Urban.

More information on Brain, Mind & Learning at Carnegie Mellon University.
Interested In Teaching A Second Language? New Master's Degree Prepares Students For Today's Job Market
New Master‚€™s Degree Prepares Students For Today‚€™s Job MarketStudents interested in teaching second languages now have a way to stand out in the ever-changing job market. The Department of Modern Languages has announced a new master's degree in Applied Second Language Acquisition (SLA) - designed to provide students with intensive instruction in second language learning, cultural studies, pedagogy and technology-enhanced learning.

"We wanted to create a degree program that will give students the tools they need to make themselves highly competitive in the field," said Susan Polansky, head of the Department of Modern Languages.

Read the full article.
The WikiLeaks Uproar

Kiron K. SkinnerThe world was riveted as began dumping classified U.S. State Department cables onto the Internet.

Documents revealed thus far have ranged from embarrassing to inflammatory.  Kiron Skinner, associate professor of social and decision sciences and director of the Center for International Relations and Politics, has a unique view on the uproar.

"WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange and others argue that making these documents public creates an openness about the practices of the United States. Others argue that sources are compromised," said Skinner.

Read the full article.

Skinner also recently wrote two opinion pieces for

WikiLeaks no favor to historians.
Leaked documents can't tell the whole story.

Alum Debuts Film At Sundance

Tommy OliverProducer Tommy Oliver's movie Kinyarwanda needed the right mixture of people to do the story - and its subjects - justice.

The film takes place in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. It tells the true stories of people who crossed lines of hatred to protect one another.  "It's really a story about hope, perseverance and religious tolerance in the midst of something terrible," said Oliver (HS'06).

The story is an official selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Read the full article.

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John Lehoczky and Larry Wassmerman Elected AAAS Fellows

Robert Cavalier Wins 2010 World Technology Award In Ethics

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: How H&SS Historians Have Influenced Policy Since 1993

Book Critics Honor Terrance Hayes' "Lighthead"

Brain, Mind & Learning Panel Discussion Featuring H&SS Professors Marcel Just and Michael J. Tarr
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Brain, Mind & Learning Panel Discussion

Information Systems Senior Project Show & Tell


Information Systems Seniors Talk About Their Community Projects

Brain Mind & Learning At Carnegie Mellon University

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Class Notes
Julie Johnson Reid (HS'71) has co-authored her first book, "The Female Vision, Women's Real Power At Work." Reid is an executive leadership coach with Executive Development Associates and has worked with the executive committees from Citibank, JP Morgan, State Street, Ann Taylor, BlackRock and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Ralph Duckworth, Jr. (HS'73) received Pittsburgh Magazine's Five Star Wealth Manager Award for the second consecutive year. He is a partner with ATI-Financial Services, LLC, based in Wexford, PA, and has taught at the Heinz College and Community College of Allegheny County.

Dan Fallon (HS'73) was the lead design consultant in the building of a new theater at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Fallon wrote, directed and produced the theater's first production that premiered last fall and is an adjunct professor at the Heinz College.

Timothy Devinney (HS'77) co-authored "The Myth of Ethical Consumer," which highlights 10 years of his global research on the myths and realities of social consumption and how general ideas of social consumption are gross oversimplifications of complex human behavior.

"Ninth Ward," the first Children's book by Jewell Parker Rhodes (HS'79), was selected as a 2011 Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book by the American Library Assoc....

Read more alumni announcements.

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