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December 2008 - Vol 5, Issue 1
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JAMsj Visionaries Gala: Honoring the Legacy

Image: Gala Invite

JAMsj Visionaries Gala:
Honoring the Legacy

6:00 pm, Saturday, February 7, 2008
Holiday Inn, San Jose
Event info and registration: Event website

On February 7, 2009, the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) will honor Jimi Yamaichi, Ken Iwagaki, Gary Okihiro, and the late Eiichi Sakauye -- visionaries who never gave up pursuing their dreams of building and expanding a museum that told the many stories of  triumph and tribulation within Santa Clara Valley's Japanese American community. Click on the event website link above for more information on the event.

Keynote: Dr. Ko Nishimura, Former CEO, Solectron Corp.
Emcees: Mike Inouye and Jan Yanehiro
Performance by Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto, koto musician, and members of Murasaki Ensemble.
A Salute to a JAMsj Visionary:  Eiichi Edward Sakauye
Photo: Eiichi Sakauye

Eiichi Edward Sakauye (1912-2005)
Visionary Extraordinaire

By Joe Yasutake

Photo on left: Eiichi Sakauye
Photographer: Iwasaki, Hikaru -- San Jose, California. 7/9/45.
The Bancroft Library Collection, University of California, Berkeley

I first got to know Eiichi when I spent several days with him while preparing for and conducting an extensive interview, as part of a video history project. Our friendship blossomed when, at age 90, he decided that his night vision was not good enough to drive after dark.  This decision resulted in my routinely picking him up to attend JAMsj board meetings and other evening events. During this period, I had the privilege of listening to many stories about his fascinating life--from his childhood, his days in internment camp, and his subsequent involvement in many community-related activities. As he told these stories, his passion for life, his strong sense of history, and his vision for the future of JAMsj was crystal clear.
Eiichi Sakauye was born in San Jose, California, on January 25, 1912, the eldest of seven children.  He grew up on the farm that his father, Yuwakichi, purchased in 1907, prior to the Alien Land Law of 1913.  Eiichi  spent his entire life on that farm except his 1942-1945 incarceration at Heart Mountain, Wyoming, internment camp.  Read rest of article...
Photo: Eiichi on tractor at Heart Mountain Photo: Eiichi on tractor 2002
Photo on left: Eiichi Sakauye driving a tractor at Heart Mountain in 1943. Photographer: Iwasaki, Hikaru, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Photo on right: Eiichi Sakauye moving his tractor from the Sakauye Farm to its new home at JAMsj in 2002.

Volunteer Opportunities

VolunteersAs we get ready for our grand opening early next year, we will need many more volunteers to help with various activities. Help is desired in many different areas such as docenting, office and gift shop administration, IT, grant writing, exhibit and event preparation, videography, and facility maintenance, among other duties. Click here for more information on our exciting opportunities.

Museum Interior Display Construction: Are you handy with tools? We are currently looking for skilled volunteers who can help us build displays and exhibits for the new JAMsj.

Become a part of the JAMsj family as we enter this exciting period! Contact Reiko Itamura at ireiko@comcast.net or the JAMsj office at 408-294-3138.
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