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How are you currently leveraging your advocates and their contacts?

Is your organization using social media
to support development, event promotion
and marketing initiatives?

Do you have a plan of progressive engagement to
energize current supporters and reach new donors?

Is it important to the sustainability of your organization
to attract new supporters and donors?

variety of people

People give because
of an emotional connection.

Connect 4 Leverage campaigns give your supporters a creative reason to reach out and emotionally engage their friends for donations, attendance or action.

Use social media to involve supporters, donors and volunteers in generating new revenues

Tap into the generosity and communal creativity
of your advocates and their networks

Get positive media attention with
unique programs that produce results

Tell stories that engage emotions
and move people to action

Create buzz!
Give people something easy to share

Let's talk about how you are
currently using social media.

We create campaigns that implement focused strategies using social media (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, podcasts and blogs) in combination with traditional marketing to support the initiatives and goals of your organization.

Vanessa Lowry
Connect 4 Leverage

Give me a lever long enough
and a fulcrum on which to place it, and
I shall move
the world.

 - Archimedes

Have a Success Story using Social Media?
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