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Welcome to GoodFood WorldOctober 1, 2012

It's pear and apple season in Washington! Let me tell you, there is nothing better than picking a fresh apple right off the tree then running into the kitchen to make an apple pie! But if you have to get yours from the store, did you know you're only seeing a tiny number of varieties available?

Apple Variety Line UpWalk into any supermarket and what do you find? Bins of shiny red, yellow, and green apples. What seems like an abundance of apples is an illusion. Just 11 varieties make up 90% of those grown, sold, and eaten in the US. What's more, 40-plus percent of apples sold are only one variety: Red Delicious. The apple industry has succumbed to the same consolidation and specialization affecting the rest of the food industry. As a result, the number of varieties has plummeted.  


Apple OtteEven with the smaller number of varieties available, as consumers we are smarter, more careful, and more particular about the food we buy, and we often choose organic options. Sales of organic produce continue to show double-digit growth, even during the recent economic downturn, and fresh produce is the largest category of organic food sales. Apples are one of the top three fresh fruits purchased by consumers of organic foods. Read A is for Apple to get the whole story. 


While there are lots of big grower operations in Washington - after all, the state is the number one producer of apples in the US - there are some very special and very talented growers with smaller orchards. Consider River Valley Organics near Tonasket WA.


George OtteWhat is it that makes River Valley Organics so special? It couldn't be size, since the entire orchard is only 18 acres (3 acres of cherries and 15 of pears and apples).


It couldn't be the varieties of plants, after all, Lapin cherries, Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp and Cameo apples, and Bosc pears grow throughout central and north central Washington.


River Valley Organics is special because of a unique combination of karma and heart. It was good karma that led Apple and George Otte to this valley. The Ottes have built a successful orchard with the help of family, friends, and a dedicated staff. George and Apple show us how it's done in Good Apple Karma.


There's more, keep reading! Get a cup of coffee - and a piece of pie - and join us at GoodFood World, where we get to the source by talking to the people who produce, process, and deliver good food. 

Cooperatives - Business Model For the Future

This year, 2012, is the International Year of Cooperatives. You knew that, right?


In recognition - and celebration - the NW Cooperative Development Center, the Alaska Cooperative Development Program, and Mission Mountain Food Enterprise and Cooperative Development Center, are partnering to present "Celebrating Our Food Community" (October 5-6, 2012) a conference to consider how cooperative business models will contribute to the future of our local and regional food systems.  

Mission Mountain Header Cooperatives as a business model offer a unique and effective structure for the future of small food and ag businesses. We spoke with Jan Tusick, Center Director for Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, about her organization's part in establishing and supporting co-ops in western Montana. Read more here. 

Reading List

Fatal Harvest Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture, Andrew Kimbrell

Fatal Harvest takes an unprecedented look at our current ecologically destructive agricultural system and offers a compelling vision for an organic and environmentally safer way of producing the food we eat.
The book's scope and photo-driven approach provide a unique and invaluable antidote to the efforts by agribusiness to disconnect us from the truth about industrialized foods.

There are more books on GoodFood World and more coming every week. Enjoy! 
The A/V Department

Holistic Cow Holistic Cow! Watch the video here. 


Sandra Matheson, farmer, educator, and retired veterinarian, talks about working with nature to leave the land in better condition.  


Her philosophy is to make holistic decisions that are socially, ecologically, and economically sound and balanced and to help others do the same!   


There are more videos on GoodFood World and more every week.  

Good Food on a Budget

Jars of Canned Tomatoes Puttin' up - putting by - canning: whatever you call it, now's the time!  So what to do with 15 pounds of "pick it yourself" tomatoes?


Our Good Food on a Budget columnist, Kate Hilmer, goes on a canning spree and you can too! She gives you all the directions you need to preserve that abundance of fresh tomatoes. Read all about it in You say tomato, I say tomahto... 


There are more recipes on GoodFood World

On the Road in North Central Washington

Mid-September should be the perfect time for a trip along the North Cascades Highway, through the Methow Valley, up and down the Okanogan River Valley from the Canadian border to the confluence with the Columbia River, and back home.
On the Road Again
This time the perfect weather and lovely views were marred by smoke from many recent and active forest fires. However your GoodFood World publishers - that would be Ken and me - drove right through and visited old friends, made new friends, and got a bit of history.
We've brought back some great photos to share with you including pictures of two dams across the Skagit River, one across the Columbia, historic towns and buildings, wide open country, and ghost farms. Read our commentary and take the tour here.
It's Our Second Anniversary!

October 1, 2010, we launched GoodFood World and, on the 7th, we published our first article. Now nearly 800 posts and 72 newsletters later, we are beginning our third year.


GoodFood World WebpageWe believe GoodFood World is important to help rebuild the connections between consumers and good food providers. We've chosen the people we feature on the basis of the criteria expressed in our Mission Statement.


In the last two years we have visited more than 60 good food providers, producers, and processors across the US and into British Columbia. And our contributing writers have extended our reporting into Europe, Africa, Mexico, and South America.


Our articles address the most important issues and best practices of farmers and fishers, shepherds and orchardists; millers, butchers, packers, and distributors; retailers and restaurateurs. We've covered larger operations like Broetje Orchards, PCC Natural Markets, and Organically Grown Company, and small ones like Jubilee Biodynamic Farm, Larkhaven Farmstead Cheeses, and Country Living Grain Mills.


We've sampled traditional Mexican fare at Mendoza's Mexican Mercado and sausages at George's Sausage and Deli, Seattle's only Polish delicatessen. We've been to both informal and highly commercial wholesale events. And we've been behind the scenes in more than a dozen natural food co-ops and markets.


As part of the larger good food movement, we want to change our food system and make it work. At GoodFood World, we provide valuable services that fill a formerly vacant niche and we look forward to growing with the people we help succeed.

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