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September 7, 2012  

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September 27th
Talking Points with Rep. Jan Schakowsky
Highland Park, IL
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Political Events

Rep. Shelley Berkley
(Sen Cand. NV)
Philadelphia, PA
September 10th

Shelly Adler
(Cand. NJ-3)
Philadelphia, PA
September 18th

Rep. Allyson Schwartz Brunch
Philadelphia, PA
September 23rd

Rep. Martin Heinrich Lunch
(Sen Cand. NM)
Chicago, IL
September 28th

Women's Senate Network Luncheon
Chicago, IL
October 3rd

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  • Reproductive Rights
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  • Supreme Court  
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Immigration
  • Taxes
  • Seniors
  • Science

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This week's issue highlights the following significant developments here and in the Middle East:



Remember to check out our blog to keep up with current issues and opinion and to sort fact from fiction on the Internet.  Be sure to read Presidential Ponderings, thoughts and observations from JACPAC President Gail Yamner. 

Israel & The Middle East   
israelThe Truth About Obama and Israel
AS an Israeli-American who cares deeply about the survival of Israel and the future of the Jewish people, I will be voting for President Obama in November. Here's why.

The Obama gut test, by Lester Crown
For the majority of my adult life, I have been privileged to call Chicago my home. It is a beautiful city with a large and active Jewish community.  It is also where, several decades ago, many of my friends and I had the good fortune to know a lawyer who became a local community organizer and would, in fairly short time, become the most powerful man in the world.

Security cabinet remains key in deciding on war

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu adjourned a meeting of the security cabinet on Wednesday over media leaks in a moment of anger. That is his prerogative. What he can't do, however, is disband the body entirely since this is the forum, ultimately, where a decision to attack Iran - if it ever comes to that - would be taken


The case for difference: What really makes Israel great, by Daniel Gordis
Instead of defending Israel by focusing on how similar it is to other liberal democracies, we should celebrate the ways in which it is unique.

Asset Test: How the US Benefits from Its Alliance with Israel

The U.S.-Israel relationship has traditionally been defined in terms of a moral obligation, shared cultural and political values, and common strategic interests. In this report, Michael Eisenstadt and David Pollock highlight the numerous, often-ignored benefits of the special bilateral relationship.

Iran Ramps Up Its Genocidal Rhetoric
Each year since the 1979 revolution, the Iranian regime marks international Jerusalem (Quds) Day on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan. As in previous years, the Iranian leadership called for the destruction of Israel and of "world Zionism," as demonstrating masses shouted: "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" during rallies and addresses by the leadership. 
Reproductive Rights

A Never-Ending Story
An article in the paper the other day caught my eye and led me to ponder something I'd rather not have to think about at all: the Republican Party platform. The article that prompted these unwanted thoughts had nothing to do with politics.

housereportNew Report on the Anti-Women Voting Record of the 112th Congress Identifies 55 Anti-Women Votes by House Republicans
Since the beginning of the 112th Congress in January 2011, the Republican-controlled House has cast 55 votes for anti-women policies that undermine women's health, roll back women's rights, and defund programs and institutions that provide support for women.

For Anti-Choicers, It Really Doesn't Matter What Happens After You Are Born
With so much attention at the Democratic National Convention focused on reproductive rights this week, it's no wonder that the presence of anti-choice protesters makes for easy "balanced" journalism.
Separation of Religion and State
schoolJust say no to U.S. state funding of Jewish schools
There are plenty of avenues for Jewish children to explore their religious identity - the classroom does not have to be one of them. Certainly not at the state's expense.
Political Byte

senateWinning the Senate Has Become a Lot More Difficult
Perhaps the one lesson that most needs to be relearned from one election cycle to the next is the tendency of campaign politics to surprise. This cycle is no exception, especially when it comes to Senate races.
Voter Registration Laws
voterlaws2012 Summary of Voting Law Changes 
The Brennan Center's Voting Law Changes in 2012report analyzed how a series of laws imposing new restrictions on who can vote and how could significantly change the electoral landscape.

Voting Rights: This Is What a Strong Party Platform Would Look Like
The most elemental civil right, the one from which all other rights ultimately flow, is the right to vote. Can we all at least agree on that?


threatdrillUS runs threat response drill with Jewish leaders
About 50 high-ranking federal and state law enforcement officials met with an equal number of leading American Jewish officials for their first "table top" threat exercise.

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Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JACPAC) is a national network committed to the special relationship between the US and Israel and a social agenda that includes reproductive rights and separation of religion and state.  JACPAC supported US Senate and House candidates who uphold this agenda and maintains ongoing dialogue with those it helps elect.  In addition, JACPAC serves as a political resource for the Jewish community, furnishing information about candidates, elections and issues.