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August 24, 2012  

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August 26th
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Evanston, IL
August 27th

Dr. Ami Bera Reception
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September 6th

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September 10th

Rep. Allyson Schwartz Brunch (PA-13)
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September 23rd

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This week's issue highlights the following significant developments here and in the Middle East:



Remember to check out our blog to keep up with current issues and opinion and to sort fact from fiction on the Internet.  Be sure to read Presidential Ponderings, thoughts and observations from JACPAC President Gail Yamner. 

Israel & The Middle East
iranU.S., Israel, Jewish groups apprehensive about Iran-hosted non-aligned summit
As Iran gets set to host the Non-Aligned Movement triennial summit, Israel, the United States and a number of Jewish groups are worried that what happens in Tehran won't stay there.

Hamas's corruption
Chalk it up again to corruption, the virus that continues to infect governments across the Middle East.

After buildup, Israel tells Egypt to remove tanks from Sinai
Israel has told Egypt that it must remove its tanks from the Sinai Peninsula because their continued presence violates the peace agreement between the two countries.

Analysis: Brotherhood taking total control of Egypt

While the world persists in looking for signs of pragmatism in the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsy is quietly taking over all the power bases in the country.

Syria's Summer War and the Fate of the Regime
As the Syrian conflict intensifies, the area under full government control continues to shrink; the question now is the speed of the regime's descent.
Reproductive Rights

akinDear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine...
by Eve Ensler 
Dear Todd Akin, I am writing to you tonight about rape...

Paul Ryan's anti-abortion record appeals to conservatives
Paul Ryan's budget-cutting zeal isn't the only stance that has conservatives fired up. His anti-abortion record can energize social conservatives who had been slow to embrace Mitt Romney...

Akin appears to have picked up conclusions from 1972 article now hotly disputed
"The question of rape always stirs the emotions whenever it is introduced into the abortion debate," Dr. Fred Mecklenburg wrote in 1972. "Unfortunately, the emotional impact of rape often clouds the real issues and the real facts."
Separation of Religion and State
separationDon't tear down that wall!
by Roger Ebert
A great many Americans no longer believe in the separation of Church and State, and indeed deny it is a principle found in the Constitution. Yet the wording of the First Amendment is quite clear, and its importance to the founders is underlined by its being first.
Political Byte

swingWho are the swing voters? They're not just independents.
In the next 75 days, hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent to persuade an evaporating oasis of swing voters to support Mitt Romney or President Obama...

The Jewish vote as a factor in U.S. politics
A former president, a congresswoman and the father of Israel's prime minister helped prod two parties into redefining the role of Jewish voters in the U.S.
Voter Registration Laws
voteObama Campaign On Voter Suppression Efforts: This Is Why We Have Our Ground Game 
Top officials from President Barack Obama's reelection campaign provided assurances on Thursday to Democrats nervous about provisions limiting ballot access that have passed in critical swing states.


waterIsraeli Innovation Could Make Water Drinkable in Africa
In a world where freshwater resources are becoming increasingly scarce, Israel-a country that is two-thirds arid-has become a leader in developing the necessary technology for making salt water potable...

Muslim-Jewish high school musical tours Europe
With the stage as their common ground, Muslim and Jewish Israelis put aside their differences to perform at home and abroad...

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Gail Yamner, President
Marcia Balonick, Executive Director
Joy Malkus, Research Director 

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Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JACPAC) is a national network committed to the special relationship between the US and Israel and a social agenda that includes reproductive rights and separation of religion and state.  JACPAC supported US Senate and House candidates who uphold this agenda and maintains ongoing dialogue with those it helps elect.  In addition, JACPAC serves as a political resource for the Jewish community, furnishing information about candidates, elections and issues.