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We all have causes that are near & dear to our hearts...

I am

seeking to help these non-profits
earn long-term sustainable income.


It's easy and fun and the money keeps rolling in!

Please call me to find out how Shaklee and I can help our Community and

your favorite Organization raise funds and awareness.

Delia Dorn


 Help Your Favorite Cause
Easy Fundraising With
 Form Healthy Habits & Shaklee

The goal of Shaklee has always been to provide people with a better life - both physically and financially.  Helping non-profits accomplish their mission demonstrates just a portion of Shaklee's commitment to improving the well-being of communities, individuals, and the earth.

At Form Healthy Habits, we welcome the opportunity to help your favorite cause, and at the same time YOU will be receiving some very healthy benefits back! From getting rid of the toxins in your home while using safer, healthier, green cleaning products - to replacing the vitamins or other nutrition supplements you already use with products from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company... you will benefit AND help your cause.
About Delia Dorn
head shotAs the principal and owner of Healthy Habits, my commitment to safe and effective products is backed by extensive industrial experience.  For 13 years, I worked as a chemical research engineer, product developer, and quality assurance supervisor. This gave me a firm understanding of how chemical products are developed and manufactured, and of how they interact with our health and our environment.

After leaving the chemical manufacturing industry 12 years ago, I researched several different "green" providers. I examined their vision, products, and processes to ascertain whether they could support their claims to eco-sensitivity and efficacy. Based upon this research, I elected to become a Shaklee Independent Distributor. Shaklee demonstrates unswerving dedication to research (including clinical trials) and quality manufacturing, which is why I am proud to offer their products to both individuals and businesses.