Happy Earth Day
Use Green Cleaners This Spring!
Basic H2 Celebrates 50 years
Healthy Spring Cleaning Tips
There is no better time to think of our health than when we are also thinking of the Health of our Earth.  This Earth Day, remember to celebrate health & wellness beginning with the cleaners you use for your Spring Cleaning. 
Spring Cleaning origins date back to the Persian New Year and represent the time when it was easiest to conduct a good cleaning of living spaces. Later in history, many Eastern Orthodox Churches conducted a week long spring cleaning right before or during the first week of Lent. Obviously, anyone of any religion, inspired by warmer weather may want to take the time to get a house in order after the winter months.Extra light allowed people additional time to truly see the messy state of their caves, huts, or teepees. Warmer weather also meant that people could get things thoroughly dry. In agrarian societies, spring cleaning usually coincided with the beginning of planting. It could be an ideal time to organize seeds and get the home ready for the busy months ahead.
Whether cleaning your home from top to bottom, or just normal daily cleaning, you should keep in mind the ingredients of your cleaners and consider any toxicity and dangers to you, your children, and your pets.

Green Goes with EverythingHappy 50th Birthday, Basic-H!


This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and Shaklee also will be celebrating a significant milestone of its own-the 50th anniversary of Basic-H, one of the first nontoxic, biodegradable surfactant cleaners in the world. In honor of the anniversary, bottles of Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate-an updated and more concentrated edition of Basic-H-will feature a commemorative seal for a limited time only. Basic H2, the flagship product of the Shaklee Get Clean household line, provides a super-safe, really powerful, doubly-concentrated clean with thousands of uses.


Get Clean Basic H2 - Household Cleaner & More!

Window Cleaner for less than a penny a bottle!

Basic H Promo April 2010Mix only 2 drops in 16 oz spray bottle of water.

General Cleaner for less than 3 cents a bottle!

Mix 1/4 tsp in 16 oz spray bottle of water.

Cleans doors, walls, woodwork, appliances, bathroom fixtures & tile.

Floors:  1 Tbsp per gallon of water.

Air Filters:  1/4 tsp to qt. warm water.

Dusting:  1/8 tsp in pint of water, spray on and dry with clean cloth.

Wallpaper:  Excellent for removing wallpaper.  1/2 Tbsp per gallon of water.  Soak wallpaper with sponge & peel or scrape.

Coffeemakers:  Dilute 1/8 tsp Basic H2 in pot of water.  Run through cycle and coffee stains will rinse away.

Hand Washables:  1/2 tsp to a basin lukewarm water.

Ironing:  A few drops in steam iron keeps the jets & interior clean.

Fruit & Vegetables:  Use 1/8 tsp in pint of water (spray bottle with solution kept by sink is convenient).  Wash & rinse immediately.  Helps remove spray residue, dirt & waxes, also removes grit from leafy vegetables.


Great for outdoor uses too!

Outside Windows, Swimming Pool Tiles, Pressure Washer, Automotive, Camping & Boating, and Garden & Plant Care. 

Commemorative 50th Anniversary Basic H2

and 3-Pack Spray Bottles 

Buy one Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (16 oz.) and get a three-pack of limited-edition spray bottles featuring the 50th Anniversary logo for 50% off.

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This phosphate-free formula is also concentrated, so it saves money and helps reduce waste compared to ready-to-use cleaners. In fact, the number of Basic H2 bottles sold last year contained the same amount of clean as nearly 1.7 million 26-ounce bottles of conventional, ready-to-use window cleaner-that's enough bottles to wrap around the earth 11.4 times. Through sales of Basic H2, combined with last year's sales of Get Clean Starter Kits, Shaklee saved 71 million pounds of greenhouse gases and 31 million pounds of packaging waste.

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Cheers to a beautiful spring season and Health to our Earth!

Delia Dorn
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