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Use Less -- Spend Lessget clean starter kit
Get Clean Products are superconcentrated--saving you money and reducing waste to the landfill.
Go Green AND Save Money
To get the same amount of clean as one 16 oz bottle of Basic H2, you'd have to spend:  $482 on another all-purpose cleaner; $12,250 on a window cleaner; or $144 on a degreaser.
Run Dishwasher Only When Full
You can save water, energy, and money by running the dishwasher only when it's full--especially if it's Energy Star-approved.  Use Automatic Dishwash Concentrate and you'll be saving money and the earth too!
Give Up Paper Towels
Rather than going through rolls of paper towels, cut up old t-shirts and athletic socks and use them as cleaning rags to wipe up spills. Or, try our Super Microfiber Cleaning and Window Cloths that can be washed and reused hundreds of times.
Ditch Bottled Water
Switch to filtered water, and you'll be keeping all those plastic bottles out of the landfills while you're also saving loads. The BestWater® PerfectPitcher® is NSF-certified and serves up delicious, clean water.
Click here to learn more ways to be good to your home and the planet.

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