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If you are like me, "what's up" is your weight after indulging over the holidays!  Who really noticed anyway, since we conveniently got to wear all those layers of clothes over the winter months?  But now it's springtime, reminding us that the dreaded summer is right around that bulging corner.  Ah, the guilt. 

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This year I've decided there will be no spiraling and no crashing as I work to lose weight!  This year, I am changing my ways. I have a plan and I have help.  This year, I will reach my goals because I am committed to losing those unwanted pounds and committed to feeling good about myself -- let me share with you my approach.

I will fight the battle to lose weight, gain health and stay that way with my best weapons -- my positive attitude and setting SMART Goals!!   Let me explain.

My Approach -- My Plan -- Setting SMART Goals.
Over the past year, I have found that sweet success requires written SMART goals.  Here's what a SMART goal looks like:jurdy calendar
           "By following the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, I will be 20 pounds lighter by               September 30, 2008."

This goal is SMART because it is: Specific and Measurable--I'm going to lose 20 pounds.  Achievable and Realistic--Following the Cinch Inch Loss Plan by having a shake or meal bar for breakfast and lunch is doable.  I'm planning on losing about 1 pound per week with Cinch--it's all about getting healthy.  And my goal is Timely--I set an end date of September 30, 2008.

So list the goals you want to achieve, make them achievable and realistic and then set your time frame. Put the easiest to achieve at the top of the list so you realize some fast successes to keep you motivated for the others.  Once you've had the guts to actually identify and write down your goals, (let's face it, not an easy task!), the next step is the really fun one.
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Rewards.  List the rewards for reaching your goals:  With Cinch, I'll be able to shed the fat and keep my lean muscle.  I'll be better equipped to keep off the weight by increasing my metabolism.  I'll be healthier, feel better, look fantastic, and have more energy to do things I love.  In fact, maybe I'll look forward to that bathing suit sale in the fall!

On the other hand, it's easy to forget, (or ignore as the case may be), what will happen if you fail to reach your goals. Yes, these repercussions or unfortunate set of events are ones we know well--

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Consequences.  It's a real eye opener to list the consequences of failing to reach your goals:  I'm at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, painful joints, I don't feel good about myself and I don't fit into my favorite clothes. Not only will I suffer physically, but mentally I will not be on top of my game.

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Okay, so why would you not reach your goals? Very often it is due to challenges and obstacles.

Obstacles.  These inconvenient and annoying things can really hinder your success -- if you let them. Consider past obstacles that have kept you from reaching your goals, and possible solutions to eliminate, or at least avoid, those obstacles.  By bringing obstacles to the conscious level I can address them with solutions and action steps.

Solutions.  Decide what you can do to side-step obstacles as much as possible.  Take Action by implementing Steps to avoid the obstacles.

Now, put it all together!  For example, one of my obstacles to reducing weight is my love of sweets.  One Solution would be to have a Cinch Bar or Cinch Energy Tea as a snack to ward off the sugar cravings. Another possible Solution is to avoid having sweets nearby.  The Action Steps would be to have Cinch products on hand and remove any temptation by getting all the sweets out of my house.  Another Action Step would be to not purchase sweets when I'm shopping.  Taken further, I completely avoid the candy and bakery sections by Delegating the shopping to my husband!  Now by identifying and overcoming my obstacles, I'm on the right path to realizing my goal. 

The critical step after the above is to Celebrate!  Here's to your success!  Take the time to appreciate your progress along the way.  Be sure to evaluate and acknowledge the mini-milestones along the way by treating yourself to a new outfit, book or whatever else will motivate you further. 

Here's what Carol V. shared about her goals and experiences with Cinch:

"Over the years I've tried many weight loss programs without long-term success.  The day came when I needed a knee replacement but my surgeon refused to operate because I was too heavy.  He suggested I have my stomach stapled.  No way!  Instead, I began following the Cinch Inch Loss Plan and to date I've lost 65 pounds (and had my knee replaced)!  My current goal is to lose an additional 40 pounds.  A balanced diet, hunger control, along with tasty and nutritional recipes makes this a plan designed for success.  My husband and I no longer consider this a diet program--Cinch is simply our healthy way of eating."

Remember--this is a process, a journey.  By losing weight in a slow and steady manner, you will create new and enduring healthy habits.  And it's these habits that will take you down the road to a healthier you!  Contact me if you'd like to learn more about the Cinch Inch Loss Plan.  You have nothing to lose but those unwanted inches!

Ready, set -- blastoff!
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Here's to a healthier you and me!

Owner, Healthy Habits

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