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When was the last time you sent someone an opportunity that could make a positive impact on their financial situation AND our world?

Give people the chance to join the movement. Empower them with the knowledge and tools that will save our planet.

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Make the decision to do something and then
tell everyone you know.

Dear ,

At Shaklee, we would like to offer you and the people around you, a life-changing opportunity to do well financially by improving the health of others and participating in the fight against global warming. We sincerely believe that if we all share these products, the opportunity, and our vision, collectively, we will be able to change the world.

Send this email to your friends TODAY.  Simply select the "Forward email" link at the bottom of this email. 

By sharing this information, you will be making an active effort to:

  • Eliminate 10 Million Pounds of Waste
  • Eliminate 11,250 Tons of Greenhouse House Gases
  • Save 1.14 Million Gallons of Gas
  • Make a difference equivalent to planting 1 million trees

Take the opportunity to be a part of it and make the environmentally conscious decision to preserve the world we live in so that our children and their children will also be able to enjoy it.

Visit and enter your password which is CG80843 and learn how you can participate in the fight against global warming.

Go Shaklee Contest

By listening to the presentation on the GoShaklee site, you will also have the chance to win $250 worth of Shaklee products, which will give you everything you need to create a healthier and safer home today.

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