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1 > Packaging > Herbal Essences makeover

Here is a vibrant makeover of a long-time P&G brand-a complex mix of a new logo, illustrations, colors, and packaging shapes.

Herbal Essences makeover...


2 > Typography > Type survives

Twenty-five years ago I was not alone in thinking the type industry was doomed. PhotoTypositor technology was on its last leg as the advent of digital fonts dropped the cost of display type from $4 per word to virtually free. How many typeface designers could survive such a total industry meltdown we thought?

Armageddon? Not so much. In their Our Favorite Fonts of 2006 article the folks at estimate over 1,800 new commercial typefaces were released last year. Huge numbers of new typefaces, some of which are simply stunning.

Typographica's Favorite Fonts of 2006

What the heck is a PhotoTypositor?


3 > Web Design > A portfolio in motion

Kashiwa Sato is an artist/designer. Schooled a graphic designer, he is the type of creative director that often brings as much "product" to his projects as the client does. Like his projects, the web for his studio Samurai is sharp, colorful, and quirky.

Kashiwa Sato and Samurai...


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4 > Web Design > does some remodeling

Amazon is no known for cutting edge design, but when an organization this significant does a site makeover it is certainly worth analyzing. Studying its grid, layouts, terminology, focus, and so on, offers valuable insight into what we assume is working well for millions of customers.




5 > Typography > Type foundries 101

I LOVE type. With two sons in art school, I am reminded of the importance typography plays in the education of designers. I am always thrilled to find others who have a passion for the art and science of typography-in this case, the Argentinean type foundry collective, Sudtipos. I would guess these designers prefer not to be pegged as designing for a certain industry, but the lyrical typefaces they produce have the kind of warmth that lends itself so well to food and hospitality projects. Wonderful.

They do both casual...

And elegant...

The entire menu...

My big list of foundries at


6 > Color > Space for the nuance of color

Among other things, the Web provides space for nuance-the subtle shades of meaning and feeling. is that type of forum. It is tagged as "a resource that monitors and influences color trends." It provides a place to invent and compare color palettes, submit color-oriented news and comments, and read color related articles and interviews.

Tracking color trends...

The front door...

Their blog...


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7 > Illustration > In the tradition of wood cut and scratchboard, Gary Alphonso

When I came across these illustrations by Gary Alphonso, I was struck by how beautifully composed they were and by his the striking color choices.

Illustrator, Gary Alphonso (click the copper colored arrows to his entire portfolio)...

My big list of illustration resources at


8 > Web Design > A different type of web menu

This looks like such an obvious organizational solution to web menuing (a type of basic breadcrumb approach). I wonder why I haven't seen it used more often. Each primary subject heading is followed by its secondary headings. Simple hunt and choose.

The menu system below the Form logo...

My big list of web design resources at


9 > Web Design > A measured approach to web design and usability

A design that does not reflect the logic of human interface is crippled. If you are interested in the science of web design, you are certain to find valuable insight on and in the accompanying book titled, Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines. This methodical look at the process by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services includes the type of detail sometimes missing from general business discussion. A guide for developing usable and useful Web sites...

Free access to the book, Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines...


In the Ideabook Design Store: Design-It-Yourself: Graphic Workshop...


10 > Web Design > Put on your sunglasses, here comes Webbliworld

WebbliWorld, brainchild of Aardman Animations (the folks who brought us Wallace and Gromit), is a "gateway to the internet for children." It is home to the Webblis-"an irresistible and quirky gang of World Wide Wanderers-characters that reflect a range of personality traits so there is always at least one with which every child can identify." It is certainly bright and inviting.

WebbliWorld, brainchild of Aardman Animations...


11 > Learning > What are your "can't live without" design and marketing books

I am always interested in knowing what other designers and marketers are reading and thinking. It helps me to stay on course in my effort to add to the ever-growing fabric of ideas. At this writing I am interested, not in your current favorites but, in the dog-eared books you return to time after time.

What do you think? Click here to take the survey...


12 > Illustration > 100 years of illustration

I love new, I love old. Here is a wonderful compilation of works by some of the most gifted illustrators of the last 100 years. The site is the gift of Paul Giambarba-a designer and illustrator with an impressive resume of his own.

100 years of illustration...

A look at one of my favorites, Howard Pyle...


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