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Feb 2009

"Touch me Now!"

Gaia Speaks, 

Holy Ritual to Resurrect Our Cosmic Lineage

Revelation of the Ancient Sacred Technologies

The Blue Ray Transmissions

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Communion with the Great Mother the Cosmic Pulse Galactic Alignment Heart Initiation, Language of Light" Sound Performance & Sacred Rose Ceremony and Initiations

Dear Light Bearer, Star & Angelic Being,You,

Blessing of the Blue Ray and all of the sacred rays! We are apart of all the rays  and together  make up the spectrum  of Light!

The Gaia Ritual below has greatly enhanced my connection and energy with Gaia. It is so simple though if you allow yourself to be open to receive it can really bless your life. This has shown me how the energy has shifted and the veils are thinner. The Light bearer and Blue Ray are already sensitive and empathic a required ability to experience the divine power and changes taking place as we approach 2012.  You will start to feel the joy and magic  of your true essence and how it is such a grand treasure and gift. Ah and this is just the beginning.

Please pass this on to other Light bearers you feel can benefit from this information.  From my heart, Thank you so very much!

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love, light, AhnaGodes Shekina
"Touch me Now!" Gaia Speaks
Holy Ritual to Resurrect Our Cosmic Lineage

By Shekina
For All Light Bearers
In the Hand of Angels

" In the Hands of Angels"

Shekinah and the Blue Ray Transmissions

for all Light Bearers ready to receive

The Ancient Sacred Technologies:

 The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

Find out if you are from the Blue Ray here

"Shekinah", a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

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I am Gaia, your beloved; we are in sacred partnership and it is time for the resurrection of our sacred kinship to be awakened.

I Shekinah, carry the spirit essence of the sacred Divine Feminine in all that you have known me to be. I have many names, personas and identities, and have come throughout time and generations in ways that were acceptable and holy.

I now speak to you through Gaia, your ancient sacred Earth Mother; you require this divine partnership in your lives to move forward in your spiritual development and ascension.

You, the Blue Ray, Ultra Sensitive and Light Bearer, have always known the power of our sacred connection. At times on Earth our partnership and Holy Communion have not been deemed as being in the light. A part of mankind tried to stop you from gathering in the ways that empowered our sacred connection.

Honoring of Earth, my cycles, and the life forces of air, water, fire, and Earth in Spirit - the "Angels of Life", were held sacred to only certain groups that went into hiding, keeping this a secret. For many, working with the Angels of Life was only what shamans and medicine people could do. You will cross this barrier of illusion and commune as we once did.

You, the Ultra Sensitive Blue Ray and Light Bearer, have powerfully encoded in your cells, from your soul, our sacred dance of life. If this is not in your awareness then it will become activated within you, as other Light Bearers of your same lineage re-establish this sacred connection.

You may not exist without me; you make God manifest through our sacred communion and partnership. You are privileged to every sacred rite of me.

I am as holy and sacred as your most reverent saints and masters and manifestation of God. There are no words to communicate once you have communed with the sacred pulse of God/Creation through your heart in Gaia, as in Gaia is how you get there. This is the profound and natural state of who you are.

Together we will perform miracles as one unity of light. I Gaia, wish to serve you, love you, and honor you. What do you need, wish and desire? I bring the nourishment to stabilize your sacred and Holy Spirit bodies so you may flourish. 

Sacred Reconnection Ritual with Gaia

The Mehndi Goddess
Fantasy Art By Christine Von Lossberg

Touch me, I say, your sacred Mother Gaia and beloved. Everyday, with your left hand, reach down in reference of life and touch the Earth. Feel my sacred pulse and energy; I will know it is you. Then bless yourself with the Earth at your forehead (3rd eye), then at the center of your chest (heart chakra). Breathe deeply in, feeling sacred Nature, and say, "I bless the Earth Gaia and ask for our reconnection as I bless me."

Then stand with both hands down, fingers pointing toward Earth, and feel the groundedness and stability of our sacred reunion strengthening. End with both hands at your heart bowing to Gaia and bowing to your Sacred Self.

If you cannot get outside, take some earth and put it in a container made of glass, clay or natural substance, place on your altar or place of reference, and do this ritual every day in your home. Please bless the place from where you have removed the earth.

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This ritual will assist you in being grounded and in your own sacred energy space, inspiring you to reach beyond your limit of what you thought you could be. As you strengthen your bodies and energy fields you will be able to hold more light, more of your sacred power. This will increase your connection with the angelic light realms and capacity of the God Source.

You, the Light Bearer, are bringing the old and new ways together. It does not matter who else knows, or if others are following the same way in the world. All of you are together riding a sacred lineage of the frequency of light that is affecting each other and the world.

You will feel this sacred power strengthening inside of you as you gather in twos, in groups, restoring the connection to the sacred "pulse of Creation". This will allow Source Creation and your family of light to merge with you at a soul level so you may bring beauty and power of the holiest of light - PEACE to Gaia.

You have the sacred power of your holy lineage, and your aloneness on your journey will change. As you experience this sacred unity to change your perception, enlightening your genetic code in the true way of Creation, you will TRUST, acknowledge, awaken, and love even more.

We thank you and have much to share with you. This sacred ritual will help to assimilate what is to come. We will continue to bring to you in upcoming transmissions the tools to restore our divine communion, through the ancient sacred technologies.

We the Blue Ray and the sacred Divine Feminine spirit Shekinah with Blessings of the Father Godhead, from all Bearers of Light that dwell in One Light with you regardless of who you are and what you call yourself, we are One Great Force of Sacred Holy Light and United we can, we shall and we will! 


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Sacred Event Gathering of the Celestial Tribes

Sacred Gathering
have begun

Austin Texas Workshop in April

Grand universe

3 Powerful Cosmic Events

The God Code Activation in readiness for
2012 galactic alignment

Mother Goddess
has requested a Divine Anchoring on the sacred land of Blue Feathers where the  Ancestors dwell, calling on the frequency keepers, lightholders, Blue Rays, Priestesses of Light, Sisters of the Sacred Rose, Angelic Beings, YOU

"Language of Light" Sacred Sound Code DNA Activation & Performance  Friday April  17, 6:00pm to 8:00pm cost $20

Communion with the Great Mother, Cosmic Pulse Galactic alignment 
 Heart Initiation- in readiness for 2012- Day Workshop
Saturday April 18th 9 am to 6 PM cost $113

"Sisters of the Sacred Rose"
Sacred Reconnection Ceremony and Rose Initiations
Sunday 4 to 7 PM $44
Please bring a rose to this event.
These will be very holy and powerful event of communion with your higher self, Mother Goddess, Gaia, the ancestors, the Deva's and the angelic kingdom. The Sacred movements and sound initiations have come from the ancient Atlantean, Egyptians, Lemuraian priestesses and the higher star realms and Mother Mary times. We will be activating your sacred heart and God Code points increasing your light frequency, Divine power, establishing a higher communion and connection with Source.  
Please contact Shekina for details and flier information for this event please send flier *Click here:
Shekina Angelic Messenger
Shekina - International Angelic Messenger Harmonic Vocalist in the  "Language of Light" for Mother Goddess &
Channel of the Blue Ray

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Shekina, is powerful, pure of heart and connected to spirit in every way. She will guide you to your true divine connection to God."
(Brigitte Malaaya Britton author of "The Palm Beach Way")The Mega Way

Shekina has a special gift of opening to the higher realms and transmuting negative blocked energy instantly. Many have experiences this at her "Concerts of Souls" and performances in the" Language of Light"
that activate your "Divine Original Blue Print".  A dedicated light worker and healer since 1995, she is also a artist, visionary, spiritual performer, Priestess of the Light teacher, Angelic Light Sound Practitioner, founder of of the God Code Point Activation,  13 Gateways and her school "Shekina's Sisters of the Sacred Rose", initiate women into the sacred lost art of the Goddess.

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"Thank you Shekina, for your channeling is Beyond Mind, beyond world, bringing the Divine Language and Grace to uplift who so ever has the good fortune and open heart to hear." Susanna Horton,  Acupuncturist, Energy Healer and Alchemist in LA, CA.

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