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June 22, 2010
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Investigations and Accidents/Lessons Learned
Are Fatigued Doctors the Only Answer?
Management Systems: Do You Have One?
The Safety Pyramid and Its Impact on Safety Performance Improvement
An ASQ Discussion on Quality, Root Cause Tree, and the Ishikawa Diagram
Career Development: Take a Vacation!
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2010 Summit News: Which Track is Right for You?
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President's Question
mark1The BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon accident has so much that we should learn, that I have three topics for this week's President's Question.

They are:

1. Corporate Manslaughter? What's Your Opinion?

2. Is the Independent Commission investigating the accident qualified?

3. How long must we wait to learn?

Now let's tackle each topic ...

1.  Corporate Manslaughter? What's Your Opinion?

The spill in the Gulf is perhaps the most discussed accident in American History. It has more press coverage than the Exxon Valdez accident or the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island.

The press seems pretty intent on stirring up acrimony toward BP. And to make matters worse, BP seems pretty inept in their public relations attempts to square things with the American public.

But there is a more serious strain to the debate than I've heard in previous accidents. It's a call from many quarters for criminal charges against BP and senior BP executives. Here are recent blog postings linking to stories that point to the need for, or detail the possibility of, criminal charges:





Now I'd like to hear what you think.

After 11 deaths and untold environmental damage, are criminal charges a good idea? If so, why would criminal charges help and who should be charged?  (Leave your comments at any link above.)

2.  Is the Independent Commission Qualified?

The President has announced the seven members of the Bipartisan Independent Commission to investigate the cause of the Macondo Prospect (Deepwater Horizon) well blowout and to make recommendations for future drilling practices.

Since the mission of this body is so important to the energy future of the US, I thought I'd dig deeper into the commission members' backgrounds. I've written a short summary for each of the members of what I found online. See the descriptions at this blog article and let me know if you think they are qualified:


3.  How Long Must We Wait to Learn?

My final question is about the comment I keep hearing about having to wait until all the investigations are done before we can learn from the BP/Transocean well blowout disaster. See what I had to say at this blog post and leave your comments:


Thanks for your comments.  Good luck improving performance and avoiding accidents at your facilities.

Best regards,


Mark Paradies
System Improvements, Inc.

Investigations and Accidents/Lessons Learned
How Safe Is Safe Enough? - The Question Being Analyzed After The BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon Accident:  It's a good discussion of the shortcuts taken and how perhaps safety was compromised (Read more).

Top Kill Fails - BP to Try New Plan: 
Various media sources have announced that the "top kill" effort to stop the leaking well in the Gulf has officially failed (Read more).

Bad News After an Accident: BP Can't Get Much Worse Press Than This: 
More "smoking gun" memos (Read more).

More Bad News for BP - Already on Parole from the Texas City Explosion, Fed Now Opening a Criminal Probe of Deepwater Horizon Accident: 
(Read story.)

NTSB Press Release: NTSB Investigating Near Midair Collision of US Airways A319 and Cargolux Airlines International 747 in Alaska:
  (View press release.)

Accident Video from the National Marine Safety Association:  (View video.)

Accident at Fleet Week Demo in New York:  Don't stand in the prop wash of an Osprey (Read more).

For Those Who Want to Know More About Cementing:  (Read more.)

Highway Incident: A Good Safeguard or A Bad Safeguard?  Is the design of the toll "ramp" a good safeguard or a bad safeguard? (Read more).

thumbsupYour opinion counts! Leave your comments to the articles above on our weblog, and when you find that one is particularly helpful, press the "thumbs up" icon so we have a better idea of what information is relevant to you for future e-Newsletters.  Questions?  Contact the Editor at editor@taproot.com.
Are Fatigued Doctors the Only Answer?
by Mark Paradies
Doctor Pic
 An article in USA Today tries to justify fatigued doctors by showing some problems that reduced work hours might create. 

Instead of applying techniques to fix these new problems, they imply that fatigued (error prone) doctors may be the only answer.

For example, they quoted an article written by two Vanderbelt surgeons that claimed that more than 80 hour work weeks were required to allow surgical trainees to learn techniques, dexterity, and stamina required in their profession (Read more).
Management Systems:  Do You Have One?
by Dave Janney
When we talk about management systems, what we mean is a structured way to manage the business and assess (and improve) performance.  There are many kinds of management systems:  quality management systems; environmental management systems; safety management systems; etc.  While the components of these systems may be different, the approach is the same.  And root cause analysis is an important part of making sure these systems run the way they are intended (Read more).

dave janneyDave Janney is a Senior Associate at System Improvements.  He will be leading two sessions at the 2010 TapRooT Summit:  "Be a Safety STAR: How a VPP Program & TapRooTŪ Can Be Combined for Excellent Safety Performance" and "Using TapRooTŪ for Regulatory Safety Compliance."  Learn more about Dave and these sessions on the Summit Best Practice Presenter webpage:  http://www.taproot.com/summit.php?t=speakers
The Safety Pyramid and Its Impact on Safety Performance Improvement
Conference Safety Board

Mark Paradies talked about the Heinrich Pyramid (Safety Pyramid) at the European Safety Committee of the Conference Board recently.

He is providing his presentation about the safety pyramid and its impact on safety performance improvement as a resource to you.  Receive a download of his talk on the Root Cause Analysis Blog:  Free Download
An ASQ discussion on Quality, Root Cause Tree, and the Ishikawa Diagram (also called Fishbone Diagrams or Cause-and-Effect Diagrams)
by Chris Vallee
Dave Janney and I recently had a great opportunity personally talking one to one to over 450 plus ASQ (American Society for Quality) Members in St. Louis at the ASQ World Conference. There were 1,000 plus members present but I want to focus on the one-on-one discussions in this tip of the week.

Discussion Tip 1: "The TapRooTŪ Root Cause Tree is definitely more than a Fish-Bone and 5-Why tool!"

A Director of Quality walked up to our booth and looked at the back of our Root Cause Tree. Seeing some of the Basic Cause Categories such as: Human Engineering, Management System, Training, Work Direction ... He stated, "that looks a little like the Categories on the Ishikawa Diagram, what is the difference? Why would I as an expert need to use it?" (Read more.)

Chris Vallee.2Chris Vallee is a Senior Associate at System Improvements.  He invites you to join in the discussion on TapRooTŪ Root Cause Analysis Users and Friends Group on LinkedIn.  This article is part of a new weekly series on Quality Manufacturing. 
Career Development:  Why a Vacation is Good for Career Development!
by Barb Phillips

Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do.
Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.
~ Mark Twain

What will happen if all we ever do in life is what we are obliged to do ...

I shudder at that thought, but there are many people who live that way.

A vacation promotes our career development. There are many reasons that it's important to take a vacation from work other than the obvious reason: burnout.

Here are a few:

Vacations Improve Job Performance: Uninspired? Can't seem to get started on an important project? The psychological benefits that come with regular vacations increase quality of life and personal morale, and that leads to increased quality of work and creativity! You have a choice to drag yourself through the next project and do it halfway, or take a vacation break and come back and blow that project out of the water. Which do you think is better for your next performance review?

Vacations Strengthen Family Bonds and Give Employees a Firm Foundation: Do you know more about your co-worker's children than your own? This is a sure sign you need a vacation! Family vacations contribute to the good health of our families by strengthening the bonds created by shared moments, encouraging unity and family togetherness, and building and sharing common values. Employees with healthy family relationships are:

  • better at coping with stress
  • more resilient
  • more content with their lifestyle
  • supported by their families in ways that build higher self esteem
  • more optimistic

Vacations Decrease Stress: Stress alone makes for a miserable day, and prolonged stress will eventually lead to physical health issues. Studies prove that a vacation will actually lower our stress levels up to five weeks later.

Vacations Reduce Sick Time: Research indicates that three days after a vacation, a person's physical complaints and quality of sleep improves and these benefits are also still present five weeks later. Don't let sick time eat up your vacation time!

VacationBefore you pack up your desk and announce that you'll be away for two weeks (although if you can do it, go for it!), a long weekend totally free from work can be a mini-vacation -- so close the laptop, turn off the cellphone and claim the career development benefits of a vacation break!

(P.S. Don't forget, we often hold advanced root cause analysis courses in great locations for a mini vacation. Train, refresh a day or two, and return to work better than ever!)

Employment Opportunities

Project Manager - Root Cause Analyst - Seattle, Washington (View opening).

Job Openings for People with TapRooTŪ Root Cause Analysis Skills (View openings).

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Wisdom Quote

"The definition of insanity:  doing things the same way and expecting a different result."
~ Author Unknown

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  • How Does Your Corporate Culture Effect Your Investigations?
  • Advanced Ideas for Corrective Actions
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  • Planning Your Improvements
TapRooTŪ Software Super Users
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  • Solving Equipment Reliability Problems
  • PowerPoint Tips & Tricks
  • Know the Law When Dealing with MSHA After a Serious Accident
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Other Summit News:

George Burk2010 Summit Speaker Featured in Newspaper Articles:   The Canon City Daily Record recently published two articles about Summit best practice speaker, Capt. George A. Burk (Read more).

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