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June 7, 2012


The transformation of our society continues with a new development marking the emergence of people with disabilities...

A reality show!

Read on.

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Disability Arrives on Reality TV

The history of disability depiction in the media is a terribly sorry one. There is real hope that this is about to change with the premier of Push Girls this week on The Sundance Channel, riding along in the lives of four vibrant women who happen to have spinal cord injuries and get around on wheels.

Push Girls


The usual approach in film and television is to have a disabled person who is either angry (Mr. Potter in It's a Wonderful Life), angry (Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic in Born On the Fourth of July), or angry (and tormented, as in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Phantom of the Opera).


Even in the recent and wonderful Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese, Sascha Baron Cohen's train station guard is the bad guy, wearing a leg brace thanks to a war wound. He is redeemed at the end as a nice guy, but make note: they gave the one angry character in the film a disability.


The Push Girls aren't going to be angry. They're going to be feisty. A way different thing.


Here's my full blog on Push Girls. 


If you don't get The Sundance Channel, you can watch full episodes of Push Girls on their web site.


Got Any Friends in Japan?


I'm very excited about my upcoming first ever trip to Asia!

I'll be speaking for the Korea Spinal Cord Injury Association in Seoul, as well as a rehabilitation group.

I'm also making a side trip to Tokyo, and hope to meet  advocates there to learn about the disability experience in Japan.

I'm not looking for speaking work, I'm looking for people to share insights with, to learn from each other about how people with disabilities are emerging in our respective cultures.

Know anyone? I would appreciate being introduced. Please send them my email: 
My New Reel

My telling of the Modern Disability story is a wonderfully organic, evolving process.

Here is an eight minute taste of what I'm out there talking about these days. Even if you've seen me speak, check out what my message sounds like these days.

2012 Gary Karp Demo Reel  


There's lots more here on my YouTube channel!  

Where I'm Blogging

I'm still doing some pretty cool guest blogging lately. Check 'em out!

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...and still cranking 'em out for Ekso Bionics...

October is Coming!

This is a great time to start planning your National Disability Employment Awareness Month for October, 2012.

It's the perfect time to get the Modern Disability story ingrained into your workplace culture.

I already have two dates booked. So let's talk about it now so you can be assured of a spot on my calendar.

Email or call me. 415.491.4280.
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