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February 10, 2010
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This one is a short and sweet special issue of Good Reading.

Today is the opening of the 2010 Paralympic Games.

Read on.


The Paralympics are Up Next!

The Second Largest Event in the World

...that most people in the U.S. don't understand - or even know is coming.

The Paralympic Games start tonight in Vancouver, running from March 12-21 on the same site as the Olympic Games.

Having taken a couple of weeks to adjust the site, and prepare the athletes village for accessibility, the next international wave of outstanding athletes have arrived in Vancouver and are ready to compete at a world-class level.

Paralympic athletes train with the same devotion and discipline as any world-class competitor, and must work their way up through the same international circuit to reach the pinnacle of a team position in the Paralympics

By contract with the International Olympic Committee, the Paralympic Games happen on the same site as the "able-bodied" games every two years. This has been the case since the Seoul games in 1988.

The events of the winter Paralympic Games are:

Alpine Skiing


Cross Country Skiing

Ice Sledge Hockey

Wheelchair Curling

I had the pleasure of attending the Syndey 2000 Paralympics, and can tell you that the level of skill and athletic commitment is just incredible. And it's all the more interesting how quickly you forget that disability is even a factor. You get absorbed in the sport, and it's about fun and achievement and really, really great athletic performance.

Learn more at the Vancouver Paralympics page.
Following the Games

You Won't See Them in Major Media

U.S. media doesn't cover the Paralympics, although NBC will do a program with highlights that will air after the Games are over. If past coverage is an indicator, it will be heavier on "inspiration" and shorter on the athletics which are really the point.

But you can still follow the Paralympics online. Go to www.ParalympicSport.TV for day to day coverage.

First, get a taste of Paralympic Sport in the little photo gallery here. Just scroll on down!
A Paralympic Photo Gallery
 Some Sample Images of Winter Sport

Cross Country Sit SkierCross Country Sit Skiing

One Armed Skier

One-Armed Cross Country

Downhill Sit Skier
Slalom Sit Skiing

Sledge Hockey
Sledge Hockey

Wheelchair Curling
Wheelchair Curling
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