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February 10, 2010
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Employer Misconceptions
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A Great Non-Profit
Obama Watch
Disability & the
2011 Budget

The White House has just released a document describing budget priorities for people with disabilities in 2011.

These include:

Improving health care.

Funding Vocational Rehabilitation.

Youth programs.

Independent Living.

Download the three page White House document here.
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For those of you in the REAL cold and snow, my heart goes out to you!


Employer Misconceptions

Unsupported Fears about Workers with Disabilities

Here's the main one:

An employer can't discipline or fire a worker with a disability.

Absolutely not true.

The Americans with Disabilities Act does not protect
anyone from failure to perform the required tasks of their job, or from the consequences of inappropriate behavior as an employee.
Curriculum Vitae

Other examples:
  • Found to have lied on your resume and during the interviews? No protection from the ADA.
  • Not the top candidate for the job? No help from the ADA.
  • Come to the job impaired by drugs or alcohol? No. Protection. Under any law.
The ADA is a civil rights protection statute. It only protects people from discrimination based on disability.

That includes a person with a disability, a people thought to have a disability, or having a relationship to someone with a qualified disability. An employer can't deny someone a job who fits in these categories if they are qualified for and able to perform with reasonable accommodation (which, I remind you, is well proven to be very inexpensive).

They are not required to give such people the job. They are required to not deny them the job based on disability; a very important distinction.

The ADA is not a consolation prize to give favors to people with disabilities.

It does protect employers as they reasonably respond to an employee who is not performing or who has violated prevailing standards of behavior.

The fear is that a person with a disability can and will easily sue the employer or sic the Feds on them. Anyone who tries will simply not prevail, assuming the employer has treated them as they would any other employee who is falling short on performance.

I shared some points on this at the annual meeting of Toolworks in San Francisco. Here's a four minute clip on YouTube, The Employer View on Hiring People with Disabilities.
Posting at a Clip

My YouTube Channel
Thanks to feverish editing and posting on my end, now you can get a good taste of the variety of key points I bring to meetings and events about Modern Disability.

The message applies to many people, many interests, and many goals. Through these one to three minute clips on YouTube, you can see and hear how Modern Disability translates to your interests and needs.

Are you a Human Resources or Diversity professional? A health or rehab professional? A disability services or advocacy professional? An educator, be it university or high school?

Visit my YouTube channel, garylkarp.

YouTube Screen Grab of Juggling

Or here are specific clips:

Disability & Diversity

Disability Does Not Define You

I Was Kidnapped, Now I'm Liberated

Acknowledging the Coping Process

They Don't Need Help

...and, of course, Juggling!!

Thank goodness for the easy of video and internet streaming technologies. The allow me to show you what I do, and help you consider how I can be of service to you or someone you know who is planning an event or training.

To discuss programming, customizing the message to your needs, or just to say hi, call me at 415.491.4280, or email me! How can I be of service?
People Doing Great Work

A San Francisco Non-Profit Cares about Forgotten People

Prisoners' rights is not the hottest cause on the social agenda, but it's one of those topics that, when you take the time to have a look, you find is poignant and important.

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

What happens when a mother is not on hand to raise her child? Does she get the health care she needs? What happens as she (or any other prisoner) ages?

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children is a San Francisco non-profit that researches these questions, provides legal services, and conducts programs that meet the authentic needs of prisoners with children - for the overall good of the children and the family.

Learn more about these issues, and consider offering your support.
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