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August 2008
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Another summer has gone by too fast, and now I'll be following much of the election from the road - 18 talks in 10 cities from September through November!

Universities, hospitals, conferences, government agencies, and corporate sites. It's remarkable how my message of Modern Disability and emerging potential is being embraced by such an array of people.

Thank you for being among them. Enjoy.

Show Me The Way

Chair Users Need Information -
One Way or the Other

An association I am active with threw a summer party at a private home. It turned out to be entirely inaccessible to me as a wheelchair user; steps all over the place and a narrow bathroom door.

So I had to miss the party, spending the afternoon instead happily overstraining myself in the garden.

Accessibility is not just about being able to get in the door at work. People with disabilities are just as easily blocked from the broader social networks that make up any professional or personal community.

Not being at that party cost me the chance to deepen my friendships and to engage in the kind information sharing and networking that helps us all be of service in the world. 

The first priority is for events like these to be held in an accessible location. Sometimes this means that the association member who offers their great house for a holiday party might have to be turned down. Tough choice, I realize.

More generally, chair users need information, such as this sign in an office building saving us the trouble of a floor to floor search.

High Rise Accessibility SignAs a rule, always provide what information you can about access - even if it's not accessible.

Be prepared to identify the number of steps (and if there will be a couple of able souls to carry me up them), width of the bathroom door, or if a grassy hillside will need to be traversed to get to the barbecue. That way, chair users can make a decision based on what we know we can handle.

And if I can't get in the bathroom, then I'll only have one beer, thank you.
Announcing Modern Disability Webinars

Beginning in September with Three Topics
High Rise Accessibility Sign

My inaugural 90 minute online trainings are now scheduled for September 4, 9, 16 & 18. The three opening topics are:

Disability Etiquette
What to Say, What to Do?

Disability & the Art of Kissing
An Exploration of Adjustment & the True Nature of Intimacy

Adjustment to Disability
How People Get from There to Here Following Trauma

The cost: $50 per 90 minute session. Share a computer with others and really get your money's worth!

For select sessions, the first five registrants will get a signed copy of one of my books on disability.

See learning objectives, specific dates, and register now using PayPal at Modern Disability Webinars.

Will you please spread the word to others who you feel would benefit from these sessions? Muchly, muchly appreciated!!
A Way Cool Web Site

A Great Way to Go Greener
High Rise Accessibility Sign

Got stuff you don't need anymore?

Hate putting on garage sales?

Here's a great solution: The Freecycle Network.

From their web site:

"It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills."

Way. Cool.
Honoring My Cousin

The Janis Warren Walk for Ovarian Cancer

My cousin Janis died of ovarian cancer a year ago April.

I also lost my mother, Bette Karp to this disease.
Janis Warren Logo
On September 21, 2008 (coincidentally Paula's and my 5th wedding anniversary), Janis' husband Larry and their daughter Stephanie have organized this fundraising event:

" raise money for ovarian cancer research at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. We are hoping that the researchers there can create a simple test to detect ovarian cancer early enough to save the lives of other women."

Please consider a contribution to honor the life of a very special woman who is dearly, dearly missed. Download this one page PDF with the details.
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