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CGFNS' India Pilot Project & Congressional Update

CGFNS New India Pilot Project
Sept. 16, 2008 - CGFNS International and AHED Global Healthcare, Inc., a global continuing education provider, recently announced the rollout of a pilot project in India for the CGFNS Assessment of General Knowledge (CGFNS-AGNK) Examination.

The CGFNS-AGNK test is an internationally validated exam developed to determine nurses' capacity to apply their knowledge in the delivery of effective patient care. The test will be used by schools of nursing and healthcare systems in India as a screening mechanism for measuring fundamental nursing knowledge and predicting work success for pre or post-licensed nurses.

The CGFNS-AGNK is a new global program that can be customized to meet the specific requirements by various user groups. The pilot rollout in India focuses on enhancing the employability of nurses within India and in other non-US countries. The test does NOT substitute for the State Nursing Council Examination required for licensure in India.

For more information about the new pilot project:
Read this press release from CGFNS International

VisaScreen Renewal Application Updated

The VisaScreen Certificate holders who have not adjusted their status or obtained a permanent US visa are required to renew their certificates within five years of the date it was issued.  Applicants need to begin processing their application six months prior to the expiration of their VisaScreen Certificate.  The cost for renewal is $250 USD.

To download an updated application:
Click here & read the updated Qualifying Exam dates here

Update in Congress

Over the next few weeks, there are several immigration bills up for consideration in Congress, including the recapture of 500,000 unused family and employment visa numbers. 

With Congress adjourning, the next two weeks are key in pending matters, including the recent markup of HR 5924, the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act. Also, several other measures will be marked up, including HR 5882, Congresswoman Lofgren's recapture legislation, HR 6020 (military), and HR 5950, which will provide medical care for immigration detainees.  If the House Judiciary Committee passes the measure, it will allow the full House to act on HR 5924, possibly allowing this measure to pass in 2008.

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