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Special Notices from CGFNS International
July 9, 2008 - CGFNS International recently released their July 2008 Notice for Heatlh Care Recruiters, and Immigration Solutions wants to let you know some important alerts this month.

Colorado Board of Nursing Requires English Lanuage Report

The Colorado Board of Nursing is now requiring an English Language Proficiency Report to accompany the CES Healthcare Profession & Science Report for all RN and LPN applicants applying for licensure by exam. 

CVS Clarification for Applicants Educated in Puerto Rico

Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists, and other related professionals who have completed their entire professional education in Puerto Rico and who wish to practice in the state of New York are NOT required to go through the CGFNS Credential Verification Service for New York State. 

VisaScreen Certificate Holders: Check Expiration Date!

The VisaScreen Certificate is valid for five years, and certificate holders who have not adjusted their status or obtained a permanent United States visa are required to renew their VisaScreen Certificates within five years of the date it was issued.

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