SPEAK TO POWER - The You Report from Politico.com

Speak to Power: The You Report from Politico.com
Flag - Statue of LibertyJune 19, 2008 - Want to tell Congress what you think?

Politico.com, a political website that concentrates on major political issues, is allowing you to do so. The various political issues range from congressional bills, the 2008 election, and several lobbying and advocacy measures.

The Politico is foregoing a traditional editorial page and, instead, inviting you to weigh in on the important issues confronting Congress and the country. This is your chance to reach lawmakers and their top staff members directly, because The Politico newspaper is delivered right to their doorstep.  This is your chance to decide which reader-written editorials they'll see today in print and online!

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The You Report!

This is your chance to tell Congress about important political stories in your backyard - and earn $100. Stories accepted for the Politico newspaper and website will appear here. Stories are being accepted now.
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