Border Delays Expected for Memorial Day Weekend

Border Crossing Delays Expected for Memorial Day Weekend
Canadian Border Patrol
May 22, 2008 -
With Memorial Day and summer travel just around the corner, U.S. Customs & Border Protection officials are warning anyone who might be crossing the border, to plan ahead to avoid getting caught in the annual kick-off to the heavy summer cross-border traveling.

As of Jan. 31, 2008, CBP stopped accepting oral declaration of citizenship, and now all individuals must present documentary proof of citizenship.

Documents that can be used to gain entry into the U.S. include official passports, passport cards, copies of birth certificates along with government-issued photo identification, enhanced driver's licenses, NEXUS or FAST cards.

Those U.S. or Canadian citizens who travel without proper documentation, will have all the requirements explained to them, receive a tearsheet explaining how to be compliant with the rules, and then be able to proceed into the U.S. CBP officers will still exercise discretion for those who fail to comply with the new requirements.  

If you are traveling, please ensure you have ALL travel documents with you, and remember that planning ahead can help speed up your travel.

  • Travelers should check border traffic conditions to help facilitate their crossings.
  • Have travel documents ready before stopping at the inspection booth.
  • Be prepared to declare merchandise purchased or acquired in Canada.  
  • Declare "duty-free goods", even if purchased at "duty-free" stores.
  • Don't attempt to bring unauthorized fruits, meats, and dairy products into the country.  
  • Don't attempt to bring Cuban cigars in as they are a prohibited item.  

For more information on the travel update:
Read this article from CPB

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