Bill to Recapture Green Cards Proposed

Bill to Recapture Green Cards Proposed
Could Schedule A Be Next?

A bill was introduced late last week to recapture employment-based (EB) green cards that Congress authorized in the past, but went unused before the end of past fiscal years due to the government processing delays.  

Experts have estimated that close to 218,000 unused EB green cards could be brought back into supply for all employment-based workers.

The proposed bill, H.R. 5882, has received support from both sides of the fence. With the 2 giants, Lofgren and Sensebrenner, leading the charge, in addition to Senator Davis backing the bill, it has tremendous potential for success. Due to the circumstances regarding past immigration proposals, this bill has a great opportunity for passing.

The legislation targeting the Schedule A occupations - PTs and RNs - should be introduced next week as well. 

For more information on the proposed bill:

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