In Focus
October 23, 2007


On October 19, 2007, Senator Schumer (D-NY) and co-sponsor Senator Hutchison (R-TX) submitted an amendment to HR 3403, the Labor Health and Human Services Appropriations Bill. This amendment aims to recapture 61,000 unused visas for Schedule A workers and their derivative family members.

Alternatively, a second amendment has also been put on the table by Senator Hutchison. The second amendment, SA 3442, was introduced by Senator Hutchison and Mr. Cornyn. This amendment is much broader and not only seeks to recapture Schedule A visas, but also includes language that would recapture visas for conventional EB workers.

We link to the Library of Congress where you can read the foregoing amendments: Forthcoming debates on the aforementioned amendments will soon ensue. Immigration Solutions will keep you informed of all critical stages of this developing legislation.

. . . Making it a point to keep you informed,

Leslie Davis

CEO - Case Manager

Immigration Solutions

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