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August 6, 2007

Michigan Board of Nursing Changes Requirements for International Nurses


The Michigan State Board of Nursing has adopted new regulations for internationally educated nurses who wish to practice in Michigan.  The new regs took effect June 14, 2007 and were announced in a CGFNS News Release dated July 25, 2007.  The CGFNS Certification Program Certificate (CP) is no longer the requirement for initial licensure for RNs in Michigan and will now require the CGFNS Credential Evaluation Service (CES) Full Education Course-by-Course Report for internationally educated RNs and LPNs applying for licensure, who have not been licensed in another US jurisdiction for at least 5 years. Even though the CP Certificate is no longer the requirement for RNs, the Michigan Board will continue to accept CP as an alternative to the CES.

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***Reminder:  Manila NCLEX Begins


The NCSBN announced that the Manila testing center is scheduled for opening at the International Pearson Professional Center on August 23, 2007.  Appointment scheduling commenced on July 13, 2007.


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