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July 18, 2007

USCIS Rescinds Revised July Visa Bulletin


Rumors flying for the last several days have finally concluded with the Department of State (DOS) rescinding the revised July 2007 (No. 108 dated July 2, 2007) Visa Bulletin and reverting back to the original Bulletin that was released on June 15th for employment-based classifications for the month of July 2007. 

USCIS announced that beginning immediately, it will accept employment-based applications filed by those whose priority dates are current under the July Visa Bulletin, No. 107 filed not later than August 17, 2007.

Link to Visa Bulletin: 

Please note:  "USCIS' announcement yesterday allows anyone who was eligible to apply under Visa Bulletin No. 107, a full month's time to do so.  Applications already properly filed with USCIS will also be accepted.  The current fee schedule will apply to all applications filed under Visa Bulletin No. 107 through August 17, 2007.  (The new fee schedule that becomes effective on July 30, 2007, will apply to all other applications filed on or after July 30, 2007)." 

Link to USCIS Press Release:

Yesterday's release of the August 2007 Visa Bulletin indicates that all employment-based categories are unavailable for August, and it has been predicted that this will remain so until the start of the new fiscal year commencing

October 1, 2007.

We recommend that you carefully discuss casework timing issues with your legal counsel and take advantage of this window of opportunity if your priority date is current.  Please feel free to contact Immigration Solutions if you have any questions concerning this notice.

Leslie Davis

CEO - Case Manager

Immigration Solutions