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October 2006
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Biometric Passport Requirements Take Effect for Visa Waiver Countries

As of October 26, 2006, VWP-participating countries will be required to begin issuing passports with integrated circuit chips containing biometric information. Each VWP country appears to be at a different stage in the development of producing secure passports. VWP travelers who obtained machine-readable passports (MRP?s) before 10/26/2006, will not be required to have a digital photograph or contact-less chip. Therefore, given that you obtained an MRP passport or renewed or extended a passport before 10/26/2006, you will not be required to get another passport for travel until it expires. Please note that passports issued or renewed/extended between 10/26/2005 and 10/26/2006 must be machine-readable and must include a digital photograph printed on the biographic data page. Passports issued, renewed/extended on or after 10/26/2006, must be machine readable and have the integrated chip.

The US Chamber or Commerce reported this month in its weekly commentary that ?America has been knocked off its perch as the world?s most competitive nation?, according to the Global Competitiveness Report released the end of September 2006 compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organization that provides a platform for world leaders in politics, business and academia to discuss big issues of the day. The article went on to report that the USA finished sixth this year in global competitiveness, behind Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Singapore. One wonders how this could be. In light of the recent stand-off between the House and Congress, we are beginning to wonder if the USA will ever have a business immigration system designed to make businesses grow and prosper.

It has been said that the cap on H-1B?s is a cap on the US economy. We link below to testimony on this topic that was given well over a year ago to Congress by noted immigration attorney, Gary Endelman. What he had to say then is even more thought provoking and appropriate today.

A USCIS Press Release issued on 10/4/06 reminds individuals with pending permanent residency applications to obtain Advance Parole if they will not be using a work-authorized visa to re-enter the USA. Advance parole is permission to re-enter the USA after traveling abroad in order to continue processing for adjustment of status or other benefits. One must be approved for Advance Parole before leaving the USA. Travel outside the USA without Advance Parole may result in serious consequences, including being unable to return and having pending immigration-related applications denied. For more information on this topic, we link below to the Press Release.
House Judiciary Committee Approves Physicians for Underserved Areas Act

The House Judiciary Committee on 9/27/06, amended and passed the Physicians for Underserved Areas Act (HR 4997), legislation that would reauthorize the J-1 visa waiver program for 2 years. The Progam permits foreign-born doctors to remain in the US and receive a waiver of the foreign country residence requirement if they spend three years working in geographic areas where a shortage of doctors exists.

Applications for the 2008 Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery will he accepted from noon (US Eastern Time) October 4, 2006 to noon (US Eastern Time) December 3, 2006. The DV Lottery form and all instructions concerning eligibility, education/experience, eligible countries and application procedures will only be available through the Department of State website (http://www.dvlottery.state.gov/) The lottery program offers an opportunity for a minimum of 50,000 DV winners each year to obtain their green cards. Eligibility is limited to persons from countries with low rates of US immigration.

  • Test Drive First: Don?t be satisfied with references. Remember that many of the most glowing references are given for people others are eager to dump! Include simulation as part of the interview process and try temp-to-perm hires.
  • Go for a Sense of Humor: The potential hire who can?t laugh easily, particularly at themselves, is going to be a very dull and probably rigid employee.
  • Stock the Bullpen: Keep an eye out for prospects before the need arises. Don?t wait until a vacancy occurs. Keep a pool of potential employees under the watchful eye of somebody who?s responsible for hiring.
Remember, the job of recruiting is too serious to be handed off in its entirety to HR. Your legacy will be set, after all, by the teams you choose to accomplish your objectives.

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