American Evaluation Association
Call for Proposals
For Consultative Services on Influencing Evaluation Policy

Deadline: Thursday, November 15, 2012

The American Evaluation Association (AEA) is seeking a consultant to continue and expand efforts underway to influence evaluation policy. Evaluation policy significantly shapes evaluation practice and thereby evaluation's influence in federal policy making.


The Evaluation Policy Task Force (EPTF) began its work to influence United States federal evaluation policy in 2007. To date, it has enhanced the association's internal capacity to respond to policy shaping opportunities; developed collateral materials aimed at policy influence, in particular the Evaluation Roadmap for a More Effective Government; positioned the association as an expert resource within targeted areas of the federal government; and enjoyed some policy influencing success. Documentation of the EPTF's work, as well as a range of supporting materials, may be found on the EPTF web page here


AEA is seeking a consultant to lead the next stage of the association's policy shaping work. The details of the consultant's scope of work may be found in the draft scope of work available here [insert link].


The ideal consultant would possess the following attributes:

  • Knowledge of the evaluation policymaking process, ideally at both the federal and state levels
  • Evidence of multiple connections with policymakers
  • Experience with government policy development
  • Experience with public presentations in legislative and regulatory contexts
  • Proven communications and organizational skills
  • Experience with the field of evaluation and the capacity to represent the field
  • Knowledge of the American Evaluation Association and the capacity to represent the association
  • Commitment to supporting the mission and goals of AEA
  • Ready accessibility to Washington, DC

Budget: AEA will pay the policy consultant up to $42,000 per year with the assumption of the equivalent of 1-2 days per week of work depending on the time of year and work underway and on the experience of the consultant. Given this level of financial investment, the association recognizes that the work of the consultant must be targeted and strategic and that influence across the breadth and depth of the government is not possible. At some times, there may be the need for rapid response and intense investment of time over several days in a week for several weeks, while at other times, the work may be only a couple of hours in a week when policy makers are on hiatus.


To Apply: Please send by November 15, 2012, the following to AEA Executive Director Susan Kistler, via a single email to [email protected]:

  • A statement of interest that includes a narrative addressing the attributes listed above
  • A resume 
  • Up to three examples of work products to which you have contributed substantially  and that illustrate your communications' capacity and policy shaping work

Applicants will be reviewed by the EPTF and Executive Director, including interviews for final candidates. The EPTF and Executive Director will make a recommendation to the Board and the Board will ultimately select the consultant to be hired.


Please direct questions about the work of the EPTF to EPTF Chair Patrick Grasso at [email protected].