Evaluation 2011 Meet the Authors

Calling all AEA Book Authors and Editors!  
You are invited to participate at the Meet the Authors event at Evaluation 2011!
WHAT: "Meet the Authors" portion of the Poster Exhibition, Information Fair and Reception at Evaluation 2011
WHERE: Evaluation 2011 in Anaheim, California, at the Hilton Anaheim in the California Ballroom
WHEN: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Arrive by 6:15
WHAT TO DO: Review the following information and RSVP on or before next Monday, October 10. Be sure to answer the three questions at the very bottom of this message!
The Meet the Authors tables give authors an opportunity to display their books and discuss them with readers in an informal setting. This is consistently the most highly attended event of the conference and we can't thank you enough for helping to make it so.
The details of the Meet the Authors event may be found below the signature lines on this email. Please RSVP to this email by next Monday to reserve your free space.
As noted in the guidelines below, if you are a SAGE, Jossey Bass, Guilford, or Lyceum author, you need only RSVP to AEA and we will work with your publisher who will bring your book(s) and promotional flyers to the event. You may pick up your materials right in the ballroom on Wednesday evening. HOWEVER, please note that if we do not receive your RSVP by next Monday, your publisher may not be able to bring your book(s) with them as they need ample time to ship materials to Anaheim. These publishers donate the works from their authors to the silent auction as well, so we will ask you to sign your book during the event and then collect them for display and sale at the silent auction.
If you are an author publishing through another publisher, it is your responsibility to bring your book and promotional flyers with you.
Please do not hesitate to email or call at any time if we may assist with your plans as you prepare for Evaluation 2011.
If you would like to participate, please review the guidelines below and send an email with the information requested to [email protected].
QUESTIONS? Send a return email to Heidi via [email protected] or call 1-888-232-2275 or 1-508-748-3326
Hope to see you there!

AEA will host a Meet the Authors session in conjunction with Wednesday evening's reception. This event will give attendees the opportunity to view the breadth and depth of publications available in the field as well as to speak one-on-one with leading authors.

HOW IS THIS STRUCTURED? Authors will be assigned to a table in the reception hall where they will be available throughout the reception to answer questions about their work(s). There will be two authors per table and we are expecting participation from approximately 40 authors.

WHO MAY PARTICIPATE? Any author or compilation editor, with an evaluation or methodology-related book currently in print may participate. AEA reserves the right to refuse space to any author or editor whose work is a) not currently in print, b) not directly related to evaluation or methodologies used in evaluation, or c) not a published book (can we find it on Amazon.com?). All participating authors must sign up in advance, be registered for the conference, and be current members of AEA.

WHAT SHOULD AUTHORS BRING? Authors should bring a copy of each book about which they wish to field questions. They also should bring at least 100 copies of ordering information for each book displayed (if multiple books may be ordered from a single source, then only 100 copies of a single order form need be available). Although it is not mandatory, we are asking that each author sign the display copies and donate them to the silent auction at the end of the evening.

If you are a SAGE, Jossey Bass, Guilford, or Lyceum author, you need only RSVP to AEA and we will work with your publisher who will bring your book and promotional flyers to the event. You may pick up your materials right in the ballroom on Wednesday evening.

WHAT SHOULD AUTHORS DO DURING THE RECEPTION? Authors should arrive at 6:15 pm in the California Ballroom and pick up their table tents (and books if from one of our publishing partners), and then proceed to any of the tables set aside for authors and claim a table space. Authors should be present at their table throughout the reception. Authors should welcome attendees (especially those with the 'first time attendee' ribbons!) and respond to questions about their publications. Authors should make every effort to speak with multiple attendees rather than getting caught up in a lengthy conversation with a single person.

WHAT SHOULD AUTHORS NOT DO DURING THE RECEPTION? Authors should NOT directly sell books at the reception. No funds of any type are to change hands during this event. However, you are encourages to have promotional flyers/order forms available at your table.



WHAT DOES AN AUTHOR NEED TO DO TO PARTICIPATE? Send an email (or any questions) to: [email protected] containing the following information:

1. Full name of author as you wish it to appear on the sign at your table

2. Contact information (email and phone) for author

3. Title, year, and publisher of each book that you wish to display

Note that space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.



We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim!


Heidi, Kate, and Susan

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