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We've got a great lineup planned from a week devoted to contributions from our Extension Evaluation colleagues to a series on approaching IRB for those working outside of academica. Read it online on the blog website at or
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Each week, we compile Headlines and Resources from across the field and post them each Sunday to AEA's listserv EVALTALK
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July1Thursday, July 1, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar
New Member Orientation - Susan Kistler
Audience: General Audience
Description: Join AEA Executive Director Susan Kistler for a short orientation to help you to make the most of your membership. We'll explore the programs and services available only to members, from accessing the journal archives and the ever-growing webinar repository, to participating in the Thought Leaders Series, promoting your business with a Find an Evaluator listing, and building your professional network through engaging with TIGs and volunteering. You'll leave prepared to dive into our community of practice! (Been a member for a while, but want to re-engage? Please feel free to join in.)
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July7Wednesday, July 7, Evaluation 2010 Conference Registration
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ThursdayJuly15Thursday, July 15, 9:30- 9:50 AM EST (Note Special Time!) Coffee Break Webinar
Exploring My M&E: An Interactive Web 2.0 Platform to Share Knowledge on Country-led M&E Systems Worldwide - Marco Segone
Sponsor: IOCE, UNICEF and DevInfo
General Audience
Description:Join Marco Segone of the UNICEF Evaluation Office as he takes you on a tour of My M&E, a new web-based platform populated with materials, training videos and webinars, how-to information, and networking and discussion opportunities for M&E Practitioners. This new web-based home for those working in M&E provides a central portal for sharing and accessing the knowledge you need to succeed.
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DOVPWeek of July 18 to July 24: TIG Focus Week
College Access Programs (CAP) TIG
This week we'll highlight headlines and resources aimed at those working with College Access Programs on the headlines and resources list and the aea365 blog contributions are from Colleagues

July21Wednesday, July 21, Deadline
AEA Board Elections and Bylaws Revision Referendum
Cast Your Vote:
We ask you to cast your vote on nominees for President-elect, Treasurer, and Board member-at-large as well as a referendum updating the association's Bylaws, our guiding legal document. Please vote by July 21, in the AEA Board Elections and AEA Bylaws Revision Referendum at

July22Thursday, July 22, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar
You + Graphic Design = Love/Money/Happiness - Stephanie Evergreen
Sponsor: Evaluation Use TIG
General Audience
Description: "Death by PowerPoint" isn't true. Poor design won't kill your audience literally - just their attention and the likelihood they'll use your findings. Join Stephanie Evergreen from the Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University to learn the 3 graphic design principles that will energize your charts, your slides, your reports, and maybe even your life.
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July25Week of July 25-31 Thought Leaders Discussion
Jim Altschuld Serves as Thought Leader for the Week on the Discussion Forum
Description: Jim Altschuld is Professor Emeritus in Educational Policy and Leadership at The Ohio State University. Retired for more than six years he continues to be active in evaluation (4 projects since leaving the faculty), writing many books on needs assessment as part of the Needs Assessment Kit available from SAGE in 2010, conducting and publishing research on evaluation with a particular emphasis on identifying and prioritizing needs and the methods used to do so, and presenting workshops and papers for over 30 years at the annual meetings of AEA. In the late 1990s he chaired the AEA task force charged with examining the possibility of certifying or credentialing evaluators in the US and in the 90's and early 2000's he and his colleague (Molly Engle) studied the training of evaluators. Although he has nearly 40 years of work experience in evaluation and might be viewed as an "old hand" in age and experience, he thinks there is no such thing and that we are all learners and should be learners along this journey. Learn more online at

August5Thursday, August 5, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar
Using Universal Design To Make Your Evaluation More Accessible To People With Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Populations - Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski
Sponsor: Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Populations
Description: People with disabilities are everywhere - data from the 2000 Census indicate 1 in 5 Americans has a disability - so every evaluator is likely to encounter them as study participants, clients, stakeholders, or colleagues. In this session, Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski of the Institute for Community Inclusion (University of Massachusetts Boston) will provide some tips and tricks that evaluators can use to better include people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations (such as low literate or English language learners) in their work. The session will include an introduction to universal design (the concept of designing products or programs so that they are accessible to everyone) as well as some practical strategies and tools for making evaluations more inclusive at every stage.
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