FROM: Leslie Cooksy, AEA President

The ballot is now open and we have two important pieces of business this year:

  1. Selection of a President-elect, a Treasurer, and three Board Members-at-Large, and
  2. Approval or rejection of a revision of the AEA Bylaws.

Please take a moment to cast your vote. Thoughtful selection of the leadership ensures the vitality and longevity of the association. The ballot includes extensive personal statements developed by each nominee to help you make informed selections. The Bylaws serve as AEA's guiding legal document. The Bylaws question includes a side-by-side comparison of the existing and recommended revised version of the Bylaws.

You may log on and vote at any time between today and midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 21, and may re-log in and re-vote up until the final day of balloting.

Later ballots from the same person will override earlier ones. Reminder notices will be sent to those who have not cast their ballot by Wednesday, July 7 (vote early to avoid the extra email!).

Although you must login to vote, the username and password is used to ensure that each person's vote is counted only once. We do not track the voting behavior of individuals.

The 2010 nominees are:

President-elect (choose 1):

  • Rodney Hopson
  • Melanie Hwalek

Treasurer (choose 1):

  • Charles Gasper
  • Brian Yates

Board Members-at-Large (choose up to 3):

  • Christina Christie
  • Stafford Hood
  • Jenny Jones
  • Victor Kuo
  • Ricardo Millett
  • Cheryl Oros

Please do not hesitate to email or call the AEA office at any time with questions or concerns related to the ballot or any of your member benefits.