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Daily: aea365 Blog

The aea365 blog offers a tip-a-day for and from evaluators - go to the blog at http://aea365.org/blog/ to read it online or click here to subscribe to receive the daily updates via email. Over the coming month, expect to see contributions from the likes of Sally Bond, Michael Patton, Ricardo Wilson-Grau, and Ann Zukoski.

Weekly: Headlines and Resources

Each week, we compile Headlines and Resources from across the field and post them each Sunday to AEA's listserv EVALTALK - or you can click here to subscribe for a once-a-week emailed update.

Tuesday, March 30, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar

Using Google Wave for Improved Communication for Evaluators - Stephanie Evergreen
Audience: General Audience
Description: Why Wave? Google Wave is a new, free, tool to communicate and collaborate online. In this webinar, Stephanie Evergreen of Western Michigan University will demonstrate its usefulness in the daily life of an evaluator, through a detailed tour of how this free product has improved the quality of interactions with colleagues and stakeholders.
Register: Free for AEA members - but you must pre-register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/383850105

Thursday, April 15, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar

Moving Beyond Bullets: Making Presentation Slides Compelling - John Nash
General Audience
Description: How many presentations have you sat through looking at slide after slide filled with too many bullets and too much text? How often after a presentation could you not remember the key points, underlying message, or needed action? John Nash of Iowa State University will provide guidance on improving presentation slides and increasing your presentation's impact. You'll come away with tips for success, before and after examples, and resources for learning more and taking your presentations to the next level.
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Friday, April 16, Bylaws Revision

Deadline for Contributing Comments During the Open Comment Period
The AEA Board of Directors has been working to revise the association's Bylaws, the legal document that binds the association. Login to the AEA website and provide your feedback on the revisions at http://www.eval.org/bylawsrevision.asp.

April 18-24, Thought Leaders Discussion Forum
Featuring Michael Morris

Michael Morris is Professor of Psychology at the University of New Haven, where he directs the Master's Program in Community Psychology and does research on ethical conflicts in program evaluation. He served as the first editor of the Ethical Challenges section of the American Journal of Evaluation, and his research has appeared in Evaluation Review, Evaluation and Program Planning, and the American Journal of Community Psychology, among others. His most recent study focuses on the pressures applied to evaluators to misrepresent findings. Michael is a faculty member at The Evaluators' Institute and his books include Evaluation Ethics for Best Practice (Guilford Press, 2008), Poverty and Public Policy, and Myths about the Powerless. He also consults part-time with a variety of human-service, non-profit, and public-sector organizations; his consulting specialties are organizational development and the enhancement of collaborative relationships between organizations. His hobby is writing and performing humor (see his blog grin for a sampling) and his proudest accomplishment came in 2008, when he was a finalist in the New Yorker magazine cartoon caption contest. He did not win.

How to Participate and Frequently Asked Questions

April 18-24, TIG Focus Week
Environmental Program Evaluation (EPE)

Watch all week for highlights from the EPE TIG on the AEA Headlines and Resources Feed, a Demonstration on Thursday on Using Google Earth, and posts each day from EPE TIG members on the aea365 blog.

Thursday, April 22, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar

Using Google Earth for Evaluation: Applications in Environmental Evaluation and Beyond - Juan Paulo Ramirez
Environmental Program Evaluation TIG
Audience: General Audience, but for those who have not used Google Earth - this is for beginners in terms of GE users
Description: Google Earth allows you to view satellite and ground level imagery and maps, and to see changes in these images over time. The functionality extends to include geotagged photos and video and overlays of roads and buildings. It represents an amazing repository of geographic and environmental information. In this short demonstration, Juan Paulo Ramirez of the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center will (a) show you the basic features of Google Earth, (b) give examples of its use, and (c) provide resources for learning more.
Register: Free for AEA members - but you must pre-register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/214363281

Thursday, April 29, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar

Data in, Brilliance Out with Tableau - Nina Potter
Audience: General Audience
Description: Nina Potter of San Diego State University will demonstrate Tableau. Living their slogan of "Data in. Brilliance Out" Tableau is incredibly easy to use and incredibly powerful as a data analysis and visualization suite. Used by the Wall Street Journal, UNESCO, Universities, and Research Firms, Tableau comes in three versions - from free Tableau Public to site-wide Tableau server. Nina is not a salesperson, but rather an avid user and evaluator who will demonstrate Tableau's capabilities and provide examples of how she has employed it in her work.
Register: Free for AEA members - but you must pre-register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/925179968

Thursday, May 6, 2:00-2:20 PM EST Coffee Break Webinar

Making the Most of Your Membership for Graduate Students and Novice Evaluators - Susan Kistler
Audience: Graduate Students and Those Just Entering the Field, and in particular those who have recently joined AEA
Description: Susan Kistler, AEA's Executive Director, will walk you through how to make the  most of your membership including resources available to you only as members, how to use your membership to save money (potentially a lot of money!), how to get involved in order to build your leadership skills and professional network, how to use the career center to find work, internship opportunities with AEA, and information about the Graduate Student and New Evaluators Topical Interest Group.
Register: Free for AEA members - but you must pre-register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/182342577


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