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7 Things To Do Before Going to Orlando for Evaluation 2009
(Some of these you may want to do today!)
Stay tuned for Friday's Final Preparations Email

  1. Last Chance! Register for Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops: If you wish to attend a pre- or post-conference workshop, and have not yet registered for one, please email [email protected] or call us in the AEA office at 1-888-232-2275 or 1-508-748-3326 to add one to your existing registration. We can make additions through the end of the day today, Wednesday, November 4, at 5:00 pm EST. After that, all registrations must be completed on site (and many more workshops will be closed). The workshop list may be found at http://www.eval.org/eval2009/09pdw.desc.htm
  2. Go Green! Rideshare: Review your rideshare options from the airport to the hotel. If you wish to use the rideshare signup, please do so on or before Thursday, November 5. Info and options may be found at http://www.eval.org/eval2009/09rideshare.asp
  3. Sign up to be an Ambassador: If you are a member who has been to at least two conferences before, please consider serving a shift as ambassador in one of the hospitality suites. We can only have the suites open when an ambassador is present and it is a great way to meet new colleagues and relax for a moment. Info and open shifts: http://www.eval.org/eval2009/09ambassadors.htm
  4. Last Chance! Sign up to Join a Thursday Night Outing: While over half of the Nights Out have filled, we have a few slots open due to cancelations. Info and signup form: http://www.eval.org/eval2009/09nightsout.descriptions.asp
  5. Prepare your Resume, CV, or Position Listing for the Career Boards: Prepare your documents before you go and then bring 100 copies of your one-page resume or position listing and post it on the conference career boards on site. If you are seeking an evaluation position, consultant or employee, the Evaluation 2008 Career Boards are the place to look - take the time to peruse them in the exhibit space in the Centennial Foyer. Review information about the career boards online here before you leave so that your listings are outstanding http://www.eval.org/eval2009/09careerboards.htm
  6. Review the Conference Program: Review the online program and, in particular, the session abstracts. The program that you will receive on site has only session titles and presenter names - what may be found online is considerably more detailed. With over 600 sessions from which to choose, planning ahead is good advice. The online program may be found at http://www.eval.org/search09/search.asp
  7. Check out the Ethics Sessions Offerings: The AEA Ethics Committee has compiled a list of the Ethics-focused sessions at Evaluation 2009. Download the list to identify those sessions that explore this important topic. We'll also have copies on site for you to pick up if you wish. http://bit.ly/aea09ethics
  8. Social Media: If you are on LinkedIn, join the AEA list via http://bit.ly/aealinkedin and RSVP for Evaluation 2009 on their events page at http://bit.ly/LIeval09 to connect with others who are attending. If you use Twitter, use (and watch for) #eval09 as a hashtag if you are posting about the conference and be sure to follow @aeaweb http://twitter.com/aeaweb  (thanks to Charles Gasper for setting things up).

Do you have questions? Send an email to [email protected] - we're here to help. Please note that the AEA staff is in the office to assist you through Friday, November 6 at 5:00 pm EST. The following week, we are on site in Orlando and have limited access to email - but we very much look forward to connecting with you while in Florida.