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The Summer of Love

Remember the summer of love? People declared themselves independent of Eisenhower era summer of loverestrictions and instead explored self-expression, self-acceptance and freedom. Just as it was possible for the culture to shift from constraint to greater levels of intimacy and self-expression in the 60's, it is possible for you to make a similar personal shift now.   


To support you in making this shift, we have created two 4-week series this summer specifically dedicated to knowing and expressing yourself.  Intimacy from Within focuses on increasing self-compassion and Intimacy with Others centers on self-expression. Join us for one or both series! Read more below. (Early Bird Rate Applies!)   

 A Groovy Tip   

VW Love Bus

Creating Intimacy in All Your Relationships  

You want to connect honestly and authentically with yourself and others and yet it seems to be one of the most challenging things to do in your intimate relationships. So, what is one thing you could you do differently that would deepen intimacy? To answer that question, here is Beth Banning at The Power of We with a quick tip.    

Think Before You Ask

One of the fastest, easiest ways to improve the quality of your connections is by asking questions that will result in answers that will be meaningful to you. To come up with meaningful inquiries try asking yourself these questions first. Read More.

The Gatherings 

Bob Dylan - dig yourselfIntimacy from Within

Increasing Self-Compassion in Our Daily Lives   

Thursdays, June 7 - Jun 28, 7-9:30 pm 

Do you want to understand your own barriers to self compassion? This series will provide you with opportunities to work with the internal messages, judgments and stories that distract you from what you truly long for.  Read More.  

Intimacy with othersIntimacy with Others

Increasing Our Capacity for Self-Expression   

Thursdays, July 5 - July 26, 7-9:30 pm   

Do you want to feel more confident about how you express all of yourself, including the hidden parts?  Intimacy is the essence of friendship and love. It requires courage, vulnerability and honesty. In this series you will examine beliefs and behaviors that limit you, while in turn developing a stronger ability to express yourself. Read More

 Nancy Kahn  

Nancy held the group's diverse needs with tenderness and respect. Her coaching style is accessible and clear, and her ability to adapt to each individual was helpful in maintaining a sense of community. What a wonderful experience! 

--Johanna, San Francisco Bay Area, CA  

Nancy Kahn 


Nancy Kahn is a staff trainer with BayNVC. Her passion is bringing NVC to diverse settings, to communities of color, to youth and to under-represented groups. She focuses on working with schools, community-based organizations, local groups, families and couples. She is currently a masters candidate in the School of Social Welfare at UC Berkeley and resides in Daly City.



Nancy talks about empathy on YouTube

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