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Beyond Active Listening (a new retreat)
Is NVC Practical?
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Beyond Active Listening: Advanced Communication Skills for Clinicians 
with Roxy Manning, Ph.D and Kathy Simon, Ph.D

BayNVC is proud to offer a new training for therapists, social workers, nurses and other helping professionals

Would you like to use Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to transform your client relationships? If so, this retreat is for you. The training focuses on the needs of those who work with clients and patients in a therapeutic or coaching framework.  
  • Deepen your capacity for presence with your clients
  • Gain understanding about when transparency is supportive to the therapeutic relationships
  • Develop additional skills in helping clients reach deep understanding of the needs that motivate their behaviors.
  • Learn to express yourself in ways that you will be more fully heard.
  • Practice specific techniques to support healing and recovery from deeply painful events.
  • Explore guidelines to help you navigate therapeutic challenges such as vulnerability, disclosure and transparency    Register! 
Is NVC Practical? 
Boring MeetingBy Miki Kashtan, The Fearless Heart 
One of the most common critiques I hear of Nonviolent Communication is that it's simply not practical. "It would be great if this can work," the line often goes. "Too bad that in my (school, family, organization) we don't have the luxury of taking all this time to do all this endless dialogue that it takes to get anywhere. No one would have the patience, anyway." Read More! 
No One Left Behind:The Art and Craft of Confluent Facilitation 
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A Four-Day Workshop with Miki Kashtan  
Only 3 days left to register! Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting or watched as it drags on without a sense of purpose? If you regularly find yourself working with groups, this workshop can provide you with vital tools to support the functioning of any group. Read More! 
Hot Picks  
Empowered Communication (Foundations 1) starts in two days! 
    First Night Free Wednesday, May 9th!
Happy Teacher
Teach for Life! with Sura Hart and Jean Morrison (Starts July 1st) 
Have fun doing what you love! Come together in a living laboratory to revive your passion to teach and learn new ways to create compassionate learning communities. Expand your ability to live your values, listen deeply to yourself and to others, and express yourself courageously. Register! 
Connect From The Heart  A One-Day Workshop for Parents and their Adult Children  FamilyCreate the Connection You Want! Learn how to work through challenges in the adult parent-child relationship by sharing authentically with each other in a supportive community.  We encourage you to bring your parent, son or daughter.  Register! 
Power of ChoiceThe Power of Choice A Workshop with Miki Kashtan 
The capacity for choice and inner freedom is the foundation of living life as you really want. This workshop is designed to support you in making choices based on what's important and meaningful to you despite fear of consequences.  Register! 
Be A Resource GreenBe A Resource in Your Community
A six week series with Miki Kashtan
Would you like to have the means to offer your neighbors, community or co-workers support in the face of challenges? Become a resource in your community by practicing the art of empathic listening and conflict de-escalation. 
Communication Dojo: Find Your Way With Words 
A workshop with Newt Bailey  
Only 3 spaces left in the May Dojo! Next Dojo is June 16th.  
Newt has created an innovative, "jargon -free" approach to NVC that is accessible to everyone.  We invite you to try it out and bring a friend!  Register!
Watch what people are saying... 
Hearing and Saying "No" in the Workplace   A Workshop with Miki Kashtan 
 NOIf only everyone wanted exactly what we want at all times, collaboration would be so simple. The real challenge of collaboration arises precisely when we want different things from others. In this workshop we explore how we can handle "no" in a way that effectively deepens trust and enhances efficient collaboration. Register! 

Help Us Plan a Party! 

10th anniversary cake
It's our 10th anniversary . . .
and we are looking for volunteers to help us plan the celebration.

There is the possibility of one small paid position for the main coordinator.

Please email BayNVC's Executive Director Dorrit Geshuri (dorrit@baynvc.org) if you have experience with event planning and are excited about helping us.


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 Wed, May 9,   Oakland  Register!  

 Thurs, May 24, Santa Rosa Register!  

 Tues, June 5, Oakland  Register!  

 Mon, June 25, Oakland Register!  

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