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Connect from the Heart
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More audacious than Lady Gaga?
Connect from the Heart
A One-Day Workshop for Parents and their Adult Children with Roxy Manning 
Create the Connection You Want! Learn how to work through challenges in the adult parent-child relationship by sharing authentically with each other a in supportive community. 
  • Explore the challenges in the adult parent-child relationship and learn how to work through them
  • Share authentically with each other and move towards healing in supportive community
  • Celebrate and express the joys in your relationship
We encourage you to bring your parent, son or daughter.  Register! 
Hot Picks  
Thumbs Down
Feedback without Criticism 
A half-Day Workshop with Miki Kashtan 
Ongoing feedback plays a vital role in making organizations thrive. Explore what makes feedback challenging while learning to speak with clarity about specific behaviors. Read More! 
Owning Your Power: NVC for Singles
a series with Kathy Simon
What does it mean to own your power? In this series you'll learn to live powerfully by appreciating yourself exactly as you are and expanding your capacity for connecting authentically with everyone you meet. Register!
Communication Dojo: Find Your Way With Words 
A workshop with Newt Bailey 
Have you ever wanted to introduce your family and friends to NVC but are worried about "jargon" being a barrier? Newt has created an innovative, "jargon -free" approach that is accessible to everyone! The Dojo is a "learn by doing" environment that relies very minimally on language that might be confusing or alienating for those not familiar with NVC. We invite you to try it out and bring a friend!  Register! Watch what people are saying... 
No One Left Behind:The Art and Craft of Confluent Facilitation 
intertwined circles
A Four-Day Workshop with Miki Kashtan 
Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting or watched as it drags on without a sense of purpose? If you regularly find yourself working with groups, this workshop can provide you with vital tools to support the functioning of any group. Read More! 
Hot Picks for Educators! 
Building BlocksNVC in Early Childhood Education: How to Model our Values for the Benefit of the Young  
A Workshop with Jared Finkelstein 
Fostering connection creates a cooperative and supportive working environment and also models for young children that compassion and empathy are effective ways of getting what you want. Register! 
Kids with Iphones
Explaining Our Technological World:
How to Talk to Children About the Effects of the Digital World 
The digital culture impacts our relationships and how we communicate with one another. Learn to support children to navigate an increasingly networked world. More! 

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Lady Gaga              More audacious than Lady Gaga?

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