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A Special Invitation!
Tips for Living NVC
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More balanced than Baryshnikov?
A Special Invitation   
A Taste of the NVC Immersion Program 
New special offer!  Attend the first weekend with no obligation.
March 10-11, only $195 
Come to the first weekend to see if the program is for you.

If you want to
dive more deeply into NVC practice but have concerns around time, or questions about content, now is the time to see if the Immersion Program is a fit for you. March's topic, Empathy When Its Hard: Translating Enemy Images, is a great way to get your feet wet. You will get the chance to meet the facilitators and to fully experience the group dynamics.   

Please feel to email BIP@baynvc.org if you are interested attending the March 10-11 weekend and lead facilitator, Kathy Simon, will be happy to respond to your request. 
Tips for Living NVC
Achieving Safety
by Mary Mackenzie  
Emotional Safety
Check out Mary's workshop below!
I spent most of my life looking for my personal safety in other people. With this attitude, I spent a great deal of time determining whether someone was safe or not, judging other people as abusive, and blaming other people when I felt hurt or disappointed. The result was that I felt afraid because I depended on others to keep me safe, and I didn't feel empowered to manage my own life. Nonviolent Communication teaches that safety is not something that other people can provide. I can best meet my needs for safety when I gain trust in my ability to take care of myself. In this model, safety can come from such tools as learning ways to meet my own needs, speaking up when I am unhappy or worried, and trusting my own instincts. When I trust myself, I am empowered to stop looking to others for my safety. 
Hot Picks! 
Living Radical Self-Compassion
Join Mary to discover the inner places that hold the most meaning for you and then create a self-care plan that sustains you as you move in that direction.
Leveraging Your InfluenceLeveraging Your Influence
Delve deeply into the practice of living the principles of NVC  by using NVC as the "organizing principle" for our work in the world. Rather than focus on specific skills to teach NVC formally, we intend to focus on all the real-life situations in which using NVC can move us and our environment closer to the dream of a needs-based world.

                                             West Coast registration ends March 25! 

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 Starts  Wed, March 7th, 2012 (SF)       Register!  

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