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Tips for Living NVC
Living Radical Self-Compassion
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Tips for Living NVC
Cultivating Curiosity: A Passion for Making Mistakes
by Sura Hartmishtakes
The topic of cultivating curiosity came alive for me today because I was spending the afternoon with my seven month old grandson, Gio.  Nothing lights my fire like hanging out with a child. It reminds me of when my daughters were his age. I would watch, in awe, of our insatiable curiosity as human beings and our joy in learning.
Sura Hart at BayNVC in February!
Living Radical Self-Compassion
A workshop with Mary MacKenzie, Co-Founder NVC Academy  
"Many of us have received little or no training in expressing our feelings. We have been taught to focus more on other people than ourselves. Rather than noticing how we feel in a relationship, we focus our attention on wondering if the other person enjoys it. Rather than noticing how we feel about our work performance, we wonder what our boss thinks of it.  This lack of attention to our own feelings tends to keep us disconnected from ourselves and creates confusion. When we shift our focus to our own feelings and needs, we connect back to ourselves and receive clarity about what we need to be happy in the moment." Mary MacKenzie

Join Mary to discover the inner places that hold the most meaning for you and then create a self-care plan that sustains you as you move in that direction. Friday Night Free and the Full Workshop!

Hot Picks!
ganeshOnly 3 days left to register! February 3-8, 2012
Living Peace
There's something incredibly magical about coming together with a group that is diverse and yet united in deepening our skills of compassion towards ourselves and others.  Enhance your understanding and practice of NVC in a community of mutual support and inspiration! Please join us Feb 3-8. Register Now!
Resist ChangeEmbracing Challenges to Increase Collaboration
This workshop focuses on overcoming the fundamental obstacle to working together effectively: our aversion to conflict and challenge. Together we will explore ways to transform challenge into an opportunity to deepen trust and collaboration.  Info & Registration!   
Parent-Teacher MeetingEnergize Your Parent-Teacher Meetings
Sometimes it's a struggle to connect with the parents of your students. Learn to partner with parents effectively by listening deeply, understanding their concerns, and expressing yourself honestly. Effective partnering results in an enhanced sense of well-being for every student. More Info!
Leveraging Your InfluenceLeveraging Your Influence
Delve deeply into the practice of living the principles of NVC  by using NVC as the "organizing principle" for our work in the world. Rather than focus on specific skills to teach NVC formally, we intend to focus on all the real-life situations in which using NVC can move us and our environment closer to the dream of a needs-based world.
Sign up for a free call! Next Call is February 11th, 1:30pm PST.
Be A Resource
Be A Resource In Your Community   

In response to a growing need, we have expanded our 1-day workshop into a 6-wk series so you can gain mastery and practice in being available to others around you. Participate in extensive practice in the art of empathic listening and conflict de-escalation. Read More! 

Living Courageously
The Fearless Heart A year-long telecourse with Miki Kashtan
Miki uses the back drop of her writings on The Fearless Heart Blog as an entry point to explore ways for you to create a meaningful and rich personal life while you contribute to shaping a world that works for everyone. Free Intro & Full Course.
Inner Freedom
Cultivating Inner Freedom (Esalen, CA)
Using the Power of Choice to Cultivate the Life You Want
Have your ever promised yourself to eat healthier, go to bed earlier, or be more compassionate, only to continue in your same old habits? Imagine, instead, making choices based on what's important and meaningful to you despite fear of consequences. More!
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Collaborating for Change (Esalen, Ca)
Overcoming Conflict Aversion to Unleash Powerful Co-Creativity
Working toward sustainability requires balancing entrepreneurship with authentic collaboration; personal power with the power of others; and managing tasks efficiently while attending to relationships.  In this workshop, Miki helps you step into the shoes of everyone involved, and find language that is absolutely honest and yet conveys care. More! 

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