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Living Peace
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ganeshLiving Peace
The Living Peace retreat offers a profound shift in your relationship to life.  You will be left with a renewed sense of purpose, intimacy and joy and an ability to bring yourself back on course, even in the most challenging times. Deepen your understanding and practice of NVC in a community of mutaul support and inspiration! Please join us Feb 3-8. Register Now!

Announcing the Living Peace Leadership Team! 

Suz Strasburger, David Montgomery, Donna Carter, David Johnson, Ranji Ariaratnam, and Kangs Trevons are joining Kathy Simon to produce an outstanding Leadership Team for the Living Peace Retreat! 


Kathy SimonBay NVC Immersion Program

Something extraordinary happens when you're steeped in NVC. The BayNVC Immersion Program (BIP) takes your experience to a whole new level by developing skills to enhance your quality of relationships, sense of confidence and enjoyment of life. Join Us!


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I've experienced many moments of feeling jaw-droppingly impressed with how Kathy teaches NVC. - Psychotherapist, Kensington

Powerful! I would highly recommend Kathy, the Living Peace Retreat, and NVC for anyone who wants to live with more joy, peace, and love in their life. -Woodworker, San Francisco. More Testimonials!

Only 4 days left to register!! January 14-16, 2012
Robert Gonzales 2011
The Transformational Power of Compassion 
with Robert Gonzales 

"There is a basic life current or impulse resonating in and through us as a yearning of the heart, this current and yearning manifests as human needs."-Robert Gonzales. In this 3-day workshop Robert will share with you what he has learned about living compassion moment to moment. Read More!


Creating Thriving, Compassionate Classrooms
a 2-day experiential workshop with Sura Hart and Jared Finkelstein
Thriving Classroom
Creating safe, compassionate classrooms provides the foundation for learning vital social-emotional skills as well as academic subjects. This workshop shares best practices for creating classrooms where students' love of learning is nourished and where they develop the essential relational and leadership skills necessary for success in the 21st century. Join Us!
Agreements with ChildrenNo More Rules!
How to Create Shared Vision Through Classroom Agreement
You remind two boys that throwing erasers is forbidden. Turning toward the blackboard, you hear their snickers as they lob the eraser into the air yet again. Classroom agreements are an alternative to this tug-o-war with your students. Learn More!

Hot Picks! 

roseLove Passionately: NVC for Couples
Explore what's possible when you explore truth honestly, choose compassion and are open to being vulnerable. Prepare to transform the tension in your relationship into renewed connection using the tools of NVC. More!
Transforming ConflictTransforming Conflict, Deepening Connection:
A workshop for Couples

Conflict happens in the best of relationships. Tension can be an opportunity to relate to another person's point of view, to bring clarity to the situation and to deepen understanding.  Learn to use challenges in your relationship as a means to grow. More! 
Living Radical Self-Compassion
a workshop with Mary MacKenzie, Co-Founder NVC Academy

Is it time to step into a more joyful life? Discover the inner places that hold the most meaning for you and then create a self-care plan that sustains you as you move in that direction. Join us for Friday Night Free and the Full Workshop!

Be A Resource
Be A Resource In Your Community   

In response to a growing need, we have expanded our 1-day workshop into a 6-wk series so you can gain mastery and practice in being available to others around you. Participate in extensive practice in the art of empathic listening and conflict de-escalation. Read More! 

Harnessing the Power of Anger 
Harnessing Anger

When we harness our anger, it becomes like a horse held in reins by its rider. With an experienced rider, the horse becomes focused, directed, and powerful - full of positive energy. - Carol Kurtz Walsh  

Learn to move through your fear of anger in a safe environment and to create the caring relationships you want. Read More!  

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Triple Latte

             More stimulating than a triple latte?

                                NVC will stimulate your mind!   

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