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Introducing BayNVC's newest program
Tools for the 21st Century Educator

Bringing NVC to Our Schools  

As part of our new 2012 curricula, we are delighted to announce our education series - Tools for the 21st Century Educator. We designed these workshops for teachers, parents and mentors because we wanted to contribute to the very important work you do with our nation's children.  Our hope is to give you additional tools to help you create honest and trusting relationships with your students and children. We begin the program with a 2-day workshop in February, followed by a variety of workshops sure to pique your interest, and culminating in a 5-day retreat in July. 

It is with gratitude and reverence for your work 

that we invite you to join us in this exploration!

The Opening Weekend  

Creating Thriving, Compassionate Classrooms kids working

A 2-day experiential workshop with Sura Hart and Jared Finkelstein 

Creating safe, compassionate classrooms provides the foundation for learning vital social-emotional skills as well as academic subjects. This workshop shares best practices for creating classrooms where students' love of learning is nourished and where they develop the essential relational and leadership skills necessary for success in the 21st century. More info!   

Spring Workshops 

No More Rules: How to Create Shared Vision through Classroom Agreements

with Jared Finkelstein

You remind two boys that throwing erasers is forbidden. Turning toward the blackboard, you hear their snickers as they lob the eraser into the air yet again. Classroom agreements are an alternative to this tug-o-war with your students. More info


Energize Your Parent-Teacher MeetingsParent teacher meeting

with Jared Finkelstein

Learn how to build strong partnerships with parents, and communicate clearly and effectively. More info

Schoolhouse Rock:  Transforming Conflict
with Lisa Montana and Jared Finkelstein

Facing conflict can teach critical thinking, build trust and connection, and offer students a key tool for their success at school and beyond.  More info 


Meetings That Work

with Lisa Montana and Jared Finkelstein

Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting?  This workshop can provide you with vital tools to reach a quick decision, break through a bottleneck of disagreement, or support the functioning of any group. More info 


NVC in Early Childhood Education: How to Model Our Values

with Jared Finkelstein

Learn to guide children toward behavior that meets the most needs at the least cost. More info 


kids with hands raisedExplaining Our Technological World

with Jared Finkelstein and Jason Brand

Explore how to support children in navigating an increasingly networked world.  More info 


Transforming Instruction-Based Education

with Jared Finkelstein

Discover activities to facilitate students' abilities to collaborate with their peers. More info 

The Summer Retreat  

Compassionate Classroom book cover Teach for Life! 

A 5-day retreat with Sura Hart and Jean Morrison 

Teach for Life! draws educators from around the world to come together in a living laboratory to create a vibrant, compassionate classroom. Expect five days in a nurturing retreat environment, renewing your spirit, reviving your passion to teach, and learning new ways to create compassionate learning communities.  


Public and private school educators, school administrators, and school staff, who want to expand their capacity to create vibrant, compassionate school communities. We especially encourage groups of two or more from a school to attend.  (Group discounts available)  More info 

The Free Teleseminar  

Tips for Using NVC  

Join Sura Hart and Jared Finkelstein (along with Miki Kashtan, Roxy Manning, Kathy Simon and Newt Bailey) for a lively discussion of applying NVC to our daily lives.  Sura and Jared will also be describing the Tools for the 21st Century Educator program and will be available to answer any questions you may have. More info  


Phone BlueFree Teleseminar

Wednesday, January 4

6pm PST 

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