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Living Peace
Schoolhouse Rock
Deepen Your Skills
Where is Miki Kashtan?
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More Innovative Than Steve Jobs?
Living Peace 
The Living Peace Retreat
Pathways for Transforming Difficult Relationships at Work and Home
(from Kathy Simon, Living Peace Lead Facilitator)
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For most of us, our most painful and challenging relationships are with people close to us -- our partners, children, family-of-origin, work colleagues, neighbors -- even with ourselves. If you have a relationship in your life you'd like to improve, please consider joining me at the Living Peace Retreat.
work relationshipAt this year's retreat, we'll be focusing on everything to do with making our relationships of all kinds more peaceful, authentic, and joyful. As part of this exploration, we'll be digging into some of these challenges, which I hear frequently from participants:
  • "How do I improve a relationship if the other person does not seem interested or available?"
  • "I love my partner but we are so different!" 
  • "How can I possibly transform a relationship where the other person is in a power position?"
  • Family"I don't always like how I act: I want to learn to be less reactive."
  • "I'm struggling inside!"
Schoolhouse Rock
No Fault ClassroomBayNVC is pleased to announce...
The 21st Century Educator series! 
Starting February 2012 we will host a series of workshops designed especially for educators who want to build compassionate classrooms.


We kick-off the series on February 11th &12th with Creating Thriving Compassionate Classrooms and Schools , a 2-day workshop that features experienced educational trainers Sura Hart and Jared Finkelstein and end the series with Teach for Life retreat in July.
In between the kick-off event and final retreat, other workshop topics will include: 
  • Embracing the bully; Empowering the bullied
  • Schoolhouse Rock: Transforming conflict into connection
  • Explaining our technological world to children
  • NVC in early childhood education
  • Meetings that work!
Look for a special email in January that will unveil the details for the entire series. We are eager for you to join us in creating classrooms where children and educators thrive!

Deepen Your Skills

Robert Gonzales 2011

The Transformational Power of Compassion

a workshop with Robert Gonzales

You asked for it, we delivered. Robert Gonzales is back! Learn to cultivate an embodied consciousness of self-compassion and compassionate communication as a means to engage in a living practice. Read More.

Harnessing the Power of Anger  a series with Meganwind Eoyang
horse and rider
When we harness our anger, it becomes like a horse held in reins by its rider. With an experienced rider, the horse becomes focused, directed, and powerful - full of positive energy. - Carol Kurtz Walsh  
Learn to move through your fear of anger in a safe environment and to create the caring relationships you want. Read More!

Transforming Conflict

Transforming Conflict, Deepening Connection

a couples workshop with Kathy Simon

Conflict happens in the best of relationships. Tension can be an opportunity to relate to another person's point view, to bring clarity to the situation and to deepen understanding. Learn to use challenges in your relationship as a means to grow. More.

CouplesNVC for Couples - a series with Kathy Simon

Explore what's possible when you share truth honestly, choose compassion, and are open to being vulnerable. Prepare to transform the tension in your relationship into renewed connection using the tools of NVC. Read More.

Mary Mackenzie

Living Radical Self-Compassion- a workshop with Mary Mackenzie

Is it time to step into a more joyful life? Discover the inner places that hold the most meaning for you and then create a self-care plan that sustains you as you move in that direction. Read More.

LP logoStill Time to Register For Leadership Program 2012       

Do you have a vision you want advance in the world?  The Leadership Program supports you to grow your vision  while deepening your consciousness and skills in community. Read More.

Where is Miki Kashtan?

Leveraging Your Influence with NVC 

a year long program with Miki Kashtan 

Leveraging Your Influence

"One of the ways in which I am not waiting even one minute longer to realize my vision is that I am creating a program based 100% on my dreams. I am calling it Leveraging Your Influence Using NVC. I am so excited about it, that I am offering it on both coasts in parallel. My deepest dream for this program is to support you in taking NVC as far and wide in your life as possible so you can use whatever sphere of influence you have to move towards the world in which you want to live." - Miki Kashtan

Everyone is welcome to attend.  Read about the East Coast Program and the West Coast Program.

Lea Empathy Post

Be A Resource in Your Community - a series with Miki 

In response to a growing need, we have expanded our 1-day workshop into a 6-wk series so you can gain mastery and practice in being available to others around you. Participate in extensive practice in the art of empathic listening and conflict de-escalation. Read More.

Living Courageously

The Fearless Heart - a year-long telecourse with Miki Kashtan

Miki uses the back drop of her writings on The Fearless Heart Blog as an entry point to explore ways for you to create a meaningful and rich personal life while you contribute to shaping a world that works for everyone. Free Intro!. & Full Course.

Miki, Martha & Francois's pictures

Cultivating Leadership at All Levels

a retreat with Miki Kashtan & Martha Lasley

Effective leaders are skilled at creating an environment that gives their employees a sense of autonomy, mastery, purpose and connection. Join Miki and Martha to learn the leadership skills needed to build an inspired and collaborative workplace. Read More.

Join Miki Kashtan at Esalen!

Two new workshops: Cultivating Inner Freedom and Collaborating For Change.

From Our Partners 

John Kinyon portrait2

NVC Mediation's Yearlong Immersion Program: US West Coast 

To be truly at ease with yourself and those around you is transformative. The first step is to approach every conflict-whether internal or external-as an opportunity. Learn a simple yet powerful process for learning the vital skills connected to this approach. Read More.

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