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Energize your Life & Relationships
If You Want To Be A Rebel, Be Kind
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Miki Kashtan 2012
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Energize your Life & Relationships 

Robert Gonzales 2011
Exclusive Bay Area Appearance...
The Transformational Power of Compassion
with Robert Gonzales     January 14-16, 2012   Register!

"There is a basic life current or impulse resonating in and through us as a yearning of the heart, this current and yearning manifests as human needs."-Robert Gonzales


Robert hungered for practical ways to integrate the depth and richness of spirituality with the realities of daily life. After being introduced to Marshall Rosenberg 25 years ago, he realized that NVC provided the missing link that would bridge the spiritual and human aspects of his life. Through ongoing practice, he learned that the process of NVC naturally directs our attention to the inner space where the energy of compassion dwells, allowing us to take action that is centered in the heart.  


As Robert's exploration of NVC and spirituality deepened over the years, clarity about ways to cultivate a daily practice of living compassion emerged. In this 3-day workshop he will share with you what he has learned about living compassion moment to moment. Read More!

Loving Passionately: NVC for Couples
Explore what's possible when you share truth honestly, choose compassion, and are open to being vulnerable. Prepare to transform the tension in your relationship into renewed connection using the tools of NVC. Read More! 
Transforming Conflict
Transforming Conflict, Deepening Connection

Conflict happens in the best of relationships. Tension can be an opportunity to relate to another person's point view, to bring clarity to the situation and to deepen understanding. Learn to use challenges in your relationship as a means to grow. Read More! 

Every Conflict is an Opportunity: NVC Mediation

John Kinyon 2012We all have within us the impulse to fight/flight/freeze in the face of conflict. This is a natural and predictable part of what it means to be human. But there are reliable ways to return ourselves to a state of equilibrium and connection.


NVC Mediation's Immersion Program works to distill thousands of years of spiritual and scientific inquiry into the tools we need to respond effectively to conflict. Some call this method a much needed "manual for the human operating system."

Starting in January, NVC trainers John Kinyon, Newt Bailey, and Lisa Montana share an integral framework of "maps" for navigating difficult situations.  These maps represent learnable skills, which can be used in any setting and on any scale. When practiced, they produce dramatic results.


Lisa & Newt_Green

Learn more about the East Coast program and the West Coast program 

Talk directly to John Kinyon and Ike Lasater (co-founders of NVC Mediation).  

45-minute Q&A conference calls: Wed., December 17 and Sat., January 7 at noon PST. Email connect@nvcmediation.com to RSVP.

Editor's Favorite     

If You Want To Be A Rebel, Be Kind 
by Nipun Mehta, Daily Good
The police had declared Monday, November 14th of 2011 as the day of the raid on the Occupy Oakland encampment.  It was the first Occupy site to call for a general strike that shut down the fifth largest port in the country; it was also the first Occupy gathering to report a shooting and a murder, as police violence also reached new heights.  With tensions mounting amidst political chaos, police escalated their violent crackdowns and the narrative of fear.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent in preparation for the raid, police from around the state were called in, and uncertainty filled the air. Read More.

Hot Picks! 

Kathy Simon headshot
Living Peace - a residential intensive
Deepen your understanding and practice of NVC in a community of mutual support and inspiration! The Living Peace retreat is a perfect way to immerse yourself in both the beauty of community and the beauty of nature while developing your NVC skills.Read More!

STAY TUNED! We'll tell you more about the BayNVC Immersion Program in the next newsletter.

Harnessing the Power of Anger a series with Meganwind Eoyang 
Harnessing Anger

When we harness our anger, it becomes like a horse held in reins by its rider. With an experienced rider, the horse becomes focused, directed, and powerful - full of positive energy. - Carol Kurtz Walsh  

Learn to move through your fear of anger in a safe environment and to create the caring relationships you want. Read More!  

Roxy Manning
Still Time to Register for the Leadership Program  

Do you have a vision you want advance in the world?  The Leadership Program supports you to grow your vision  while deepening your consciousness and skills in community. Read More!  

Living Radical Self-Compassion
a workshop with Mary MacKenzie, Co-Founder NVC Academy

Is it time to step into a more joyful life? Discover the inner places that hold the most meaning for you and then create a self-care plan that sustains you as you move in that direction. Read More! 

Miki Kashtan 2012 

Cultivating Leadership at All Levels a retreat with Miki and Martha Lasley 
hands supporting earth

Effective leaders are skilled at creating an environment that gives their employees a sense of autonomy, mastery, purpose and connection. Join Miki and Martha to learn the leadership skills needed to build an inspired and collaborative workplace. Read More!

Leveraging Your Influence
Leveraging Your Influence a year-long program

Do you have a vision for your life that includes infusing you work and play with NVC consciousness? Learn to leverage your influence by using NVC as the "organizing principle" for your work in the world. Read about the East Coast Program and the West Coast Program.

Be A Resource
Be A Resource In Your Community   

In response to a growing need, we have expanded our 1-day workshop into a 6-wk series so you can gain mastery and practice in being available to others around you. Participate in extensive practice in the art of empathic listening and conflict de-escalation. Read More! 

Miki Kashtan headshot
The Fearless Heart: An Intensive Study with Miki Kashtan 
 Free Intro!- Tuesday, 2/7/12   Full Course- Tuesdays, 2/14/12-1/29/13

Miki uses the back drop of her writings on The Fearless Heart Blog as an entry point to explore ways for you to create a meaningful and rich personal life while you contribute to shaping a world that works for everyone. Free Intro!. & Full Course. 

Join Miki Kashtan at Esalen!  

Two new workshops: Cultivating Inner Freedom and Collaborating For Change.

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