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Dorrit & Miki Share Thoughts on the Occupy Movement
An Alternative to Demands: Notes from OccupyOakland
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Dorrit & Miki Share Thoughts on the Occupy Movement

Miki and Dorrit together

Opportunities don't wait for us to be ready. While still working out how to utilize the incredible pool of talent and skills from 10 years of intensive leadership training, fast-spreading gatherings across the US to challenge our political and economic structures are providing a unique opportunity for people in our community, near and far, to lend their skills to everyone involved: the people gathering, the police, the people in power, truly everyone. Without taking a position on this movement, we invite you, wherever you are, to join some of the BayNVC Leadership Program graduates who have set up empathy booths, offered spontaneous mediation in rough moments, or stepped in to support dialogue and understanding between people of divergent views. Here's to bringing the gift of the NVC to the world where it can truly make a difference.   

Dorrit Geshuri, Executive Director

Miki Kashtan, Co-founder & Lead Trainer  

Here are some ideas of how you can contribute.

An Alternative to Demands:
Notes from OccupyOakland

Occupy OaklandBy Miki Kashtan, from The Fearless Heart Blog
A protest, in some fundamental way, engages with the existing power structures. What I saw, instead, was a parallel existence. This was not a march attempting to make something happen through demands and goals. What I saw was a gathering of people without any urgency, setting up camp, providing free services, engaged in the activities of making life happen, engaged in educating each other, curious to learn, and intent on inclusion. In an earlier post I was expressing some concern about the absence of a vision. What I saw in the park changed my perspective. I was fully humbled. There is absolutely no absence of vision. In fact, what was so compelling for me in being there was seeing a vision being lived out. They are not making demands. Instead, in their own small way, and however imperfectly, they are creating the world in which they want to live. There is free food being served 24/7, there are supplies of all kinds, energy created by people pedaling a bike, and everyone appears to be part of an incessant conversation. Read Full Article.

Home for the Holidays 

Holiday Stress

Home for the Holidays with Meganwind Eoyang  

Santa Rosa: Thursdays, Beg. 11/10 or Oakland: Mondays, Beg. 11/14   

Winter holidays often bring us home for visits with family where we long to connect deeply with the people love. Explore ways to share heart connections & care for ourselves in moments when the connection may not be what we'd hoped.

Still Time to Register for . . .  

LP logoLeadership Program 2012  with Roxy Manning, Francois Beausoleil, Kit Miller, Mary Mackenzie, & Arnina Kashtan 

Join us for a Free Teleconference on Sunday, October 30th at 10:30am!     

The 2012 BayNVC Leadership Program creates a nurturing environment for you to grow your vision and deepen your consciousness and skills in community. Please review the detailed program on the LP website, then join us for a free teleconference on November 13th to explore how the Leadership Program can help you meet your goals. 

Meganwind Eoyang

Daytime Practice Group with Meganwind Eoyang    

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 18th, 2011  11am-1pm    

Open, drop-in practice group at the BayNVC office (Oakland). The group meets every other Tuesday through December 13, 2011. More Info!

Mediation graphic

Daring Honesty and Conflict Resolution with Lisa Montana 

Saturday, November 12th, 10:00- 5:30 

Gain skills to stay grounded in the face of anger and intensity, to hear views that are different from your own, and to express what is true for you in ways another person can hear. Work on real conflicts from your own life. Register!

Productive Meetings

No One Left Behind: Facilitating Efficient and Productive Meetings with Miki Kashtan  November 5-6th, 2011  

Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting or watched in dismay as a group collapses into conflict? If you regularly find yourself working with groups, this intensive workshop can provide you with vital tools to support the effective functioning of any group. Register!

peace starts at home graphic

Peace Starts at Home - a Telecourse with Miki Kashtan

Free Intro!Tuesday, 11/8  Full Course- Tuesdays, 10/9-11/20   

Through the practice of living in dialogue at home, where the stakes are often very high, you can increase your ability to meet the challenges of life everywhere with empathy, goodwill and authenticity.  
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Projector and Screen

Media Projector & Screen

Over the past few months we have noticed a renewed sense of cohesion within our team. We are feeling empowered and inspired while working together to bring about useful changes in the day-to-day operations of BayNVC. One of our strategies is to have weekly working team meetings where we accomplish tasks as a group within the meeting. We are now recognizing how useful it would be to have our own media projector and portable screen so all the staff could be looking at and editing the same information. We also need a projector for some of our presentations and events. Here is an idea of what we are looking for:  


Mac & PC Compatible Projector - Like this ViewSonic available on Amazon Portable Screen - Like this one available at Best Buy    

Our budget being what it is, we would love to have someone donate these items. Perhaps that person is you?   If so, please email dorrit@baynvc.org.


Experiment with an 8-week NVC study series  

First class free!  More Info  

 Foundations 2  (SF) -Tuesdays, starts October 18 

Foundations 1  (SF) -Wednesdays, starts October 19

Empowered Communication (Oak) -Wednesdays, starts January 4

Empowered Communication (Oak) -Mondays, starts January 30  

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