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Retreat is a Gift to Ourselves and Others
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Retreat is a Gift to Ourselves and Others  

More Compassion, More Power Retreat with Kathy Simon

October 25-30, 2011   Near Calistoga, CA     


Kathy Simon headshotPeople who show up for this kind of work often have a beautiful vision of where they would like to be and of the shifts they would like to make in their lives. NVC can offer paradoxical, and maybe even magical, support to us as we try to understand patterns that we want to shift and to develop new skills for making those changes -- while at the same time, offering deep appreciation and acceptance of where we are right now. 


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If you've been away from NVC for a while and want to reinvigorate your practice, you'll find this retreat a particularly joyful and heart-warming place to do that.  And if you are already deeply engaged in living NVC, this is a chance to gain support  in those areas where you'd like to grow even more.  Set in the lovely woodlands near Calistoga, you'll have time to connect with nature, with each other, and most importantly, with your own inner lives.


Time and again, people emerge from this kind of intensive community practice of NVC feeling more open-hearted, more empowered, and glowing with a sense of well-being and new possibilities. For More Info or to Register!

Adventures in NVC  

Superhero Prelude: In addition to offering classes and workshops in Nonviolent Communication, our trainers offer private sessions to people who are experiencing conflict, either within themselves or between them and others. Below is a close-to-exact rendition of a private session with three members of a family and Lynda Smith, one of our trainers whose focus is supporting people to hear one another in private sessions. It exemplifies a part of the magic of NVC: when each person connects with what really matters to them, the solution to the conflict often "finds" them.


In a split second, 12-year-old Jessica covered her face with both hands, no doubt hoping to shield her rush of tears from her mother, older brother and me. During a private session with me, she and her mother had been talking about a conflict that they just couldn't solve on their own, a conflict that was connected to precious needs that Jessica hadn't yet revealed to her mother. When she touched those needs, the tears flowed. Read Full Story


If you'd like to schedule a session with any of our trainers, call the BayNVC office at (510) 433-1700 or email nvc@baynvc.org.  

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Lynda Smith

Learning the Dance of Interdependence

a Lunchtime Series with Lynda Smith    Fridays, Beginning September 23rd

At its core, NVC is a consciousness that arises from an awareness of human needs. This awareness leads to certain practices that create more clarity and inner peace; the possibility for more collaboration; and the courage to express fully one's truth. Register!

Transforming Conflict

Transforming Conflict, Deepening Connection

with Kathy Simon   Sunday, September 25th, 2011   9:30am - 4:30pm

Have you lost your sense of playfulness and easy connectedness as a couple?  In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the tensions in your relationship and to gain skills for understanding yourself and your partner more deeply.  Register!

Miki Kashtan

Principle Based Teaching Telecourse

with Miki Kashtan  Sunday, September 25th, 2011   Register for Free Intro! 

Shift the intention of your teaching from how to why! Learn new methodology developed by Miki Kashtan. Registraton for the full course here.

MCR Blue

Embracing Challenges to Enhance Collaboration

A Retreat with Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley  September 20-24   

You will acquire the fundamental skills necessary to shift toward true collaboration within your organization. Learn to transform conflict, increase productivity, make quick collaborative decisions, and turn your customers into fans! Register!  

Looking Ahead. . .  


Bringing Grace and Mastery to Mediation  

with Miki Kashtan   Sunday, October 2, 2011    10am - 5pm

Join Miki as she uses every exchange to build connection and goodwill even in intensely challenging situations. Bring your toughest situations and questions for a day of learning and community while experiencing this exciting work. Register!

Couples Communicating

NVC For Couples 

 with Kathy Simon   Thursdays, Beginning October 6th, 2011    7pm- 9pm       

Sometimes we struggle to connect with our partners, to understand them, and to express ourselves both authentically and lovingly. Explore how to use challenges in your relationship as opportunities to grow. Register! 

Tug -O- War

Beginning Conflict Resolution and Mediation

with Lisa Montana   Tuesdays, Beginning October 4th, 2011    7pm - 9pm  

If you're feeling frustrated or overwhelmed because you're having the same argument-over and over again-with your partner, co-worker or family member, then this is the class for you. We'll practice simple techniques to untangle every-day conflicts at home, at work and in organizations. Register!

Meganwind Eoyang

Daytime Practice Group  New!  with Meganwind Eoyang    

Alternating Tuesdays, Beginning September 20, 2011  11am-1pm    

Open, drop-in practice group at the BayNVC office (Oakland) with Meganwind Eoyang. The group meets every other Tuesday starting September 20 through December 13, 2011. More Info!

LP logoLeadership Program 2012 New! with Roxy Manning, Francois Beausoleil, Kit Miller, Mary Mackenzie, & Arnina Kashtan      

The 2012 BayNVC Leadership Program creates a nurturing environment for you to grow your vision and deepen your consciousness and skills in community. Please review the detailed program on the LP website, then join us for a free teleconference on September 29th to explore how the Leadership Program can help you meet your goals. 

Be A Resource

Be A Resource in Your Community  Free!

 with Miki Kashtan    Friday, October 14, 2011    4:30pm - 6:30pm    

Join Miki for this popular workshop where you will learn to stay present in challenging situations and to find the willingness to listen without trying to solve problems. Register!

Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy in the Workplace Free!

with Miki Kashtan    Friday, October 14, 2011    12:30pm- 2:30pm 

Manage your work life! If you are tired of difficult conversations and strenuous meetings join Miki Kashtan for this free workshop where we'll explore basic principles related to empathic communication and how to bring them into the workplace. Register!

Holiday Stress

Home for the Holidays with Meganwind Eoyang  

Santa Rosa: Thursdays, Beg. 11/10 or Oakland: Mondays, Beg. 11/14   

Winter holidays often bring us home for visits with family where we long to connect deeply with the people love. Explore ways to share heart connections & care for ourselves in moments when the connection may not be what we'd hoped.


Experiment with an 8-week NVC study series  

First class free!  More Info  

                          Foundations 1 (Oakland) - Sundays, starts  September 18   

                          Integration  2  (Oakland) - Tuesdays, starts  September 27 

                          Foundations 1  (SF) -Wednesdays, starts October 12 

                          Foundations 2  (SF) -Tuesdays, starts October 18 

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