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$10,000 Grant for Safer Communities
Sharing NVC with Parents
Hiring - Web Admin
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$10,000 Grant for Safer Communities  

Moving Forward!picture of Dorrit, the ED

Thanks to your generous support, we have raised over $30,000, giving us enough to cover our operating costs for the next few months. Our next goal is to move forward with our plan of creating a comprehensive marketing strategy (including hiring a marketing director, creating outreach materials and developing a better online presence). Click here if you would like to contribute to our efforts to make NVC more accessible to as many people as possible.    

In addition to your donations, for the third year in a row we received a $10,000 grant from van Loben Sels/Rembe Rock for BayNVC's Safer Communities Program (which takes NVC into prisons and to parolees). Last year we used this grant money to help pay for trainings with the prison guards in the mental health section of the Sonoma County Jail. This year the funds will be used for trainings with women incarcerated by the Sonoma Count
gerber daisy - donatey Sheriff's department.  The money from this grant only covers a small percentage of the actual costs of running this program.  DONATE 


With excitement about the possibilities,

Dorrit Geshuri, Executive Director

Bay Area Nonviolent Communication  

Sharing NVC with Parents . . .  

A Parent's Way To The Heart

by Inbal Kashtan

Inbal KashtanI vividly remember the first time I got really mad at my son. He was about two years old, and I had just asked him not to turn on the computer. At that moment, keeping the computer off seemed very important to me. My son gazed at me with an unfamiliar look in his eyes. I imagined he was thinking to himself that he really wanted to stop, as I had asked, yet he seemed compelled to move forward anyway. While still looking at me, his little body catapulted itself toward the computer, his fingers reaching out to turn it on. To my utter astonishment, my body, too, lunged forward, my arms circled my son's body as I pulled him away from the now buzzing computer, and I heard myself yelling, "NO!" Read Full Article  


Ingrid BauerAre You Dedicated to Sharing NVC with Parents Around the World?

A Leadership Training Program with Ingrid Bauer and Stephanie Mattei 

The Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP) is designed for NVC practitioners who are dedicated to sharing NVC with parents. The purpose of this year-long telecourse is to support these practitioners in deepening their capacity to understand, live and share NVC. For more program information visit PPLP or contact pplp11@baynvc.org.

Work for BayNVC - Web Admin  


If these letters make more sense to you than they do to us,  we could use your help!  BayNVC is hiring a web admin who can help us maintain our existing, custom-built website.  Applicants need to be proficient in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS.  Knowledge of MS Access and Visual Basicomputer repair manc a plus (to interface with our database).



   * 5-10 hours per month

   * Must be local (San Francisco Bay Area) 

   * $40/hour

   * Generous discounts on most of our classes and events 

(Admittedly not the best salary for this sort of work, but we can more than make up for that in fun and meaning as you contribute to spreading NVC in the world!)


Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you would enjoy working for BayNVC to Dorrit@BayNVC.org 

Still Time to Register for . . .  

woman holding sun

More Compassion, More Power

with Kathy Simon October 25-30, 2011      

Deepen your compassionate presence and at the same time increase your sense of power and agency. The retreat will focus on developing more power and compassion in particular areas: being a couple, parenting, workplace issues and social change work. Join Kathy and her team for this adventure in NVC!  Register!

MCR Blue

Embracing Challenges to Enhance Collaboration

A Retreat with Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley  September 20-24  Register!   

You will acquire the fundamental skills necessary to shift toward true collaboration within your organization. Learn to transform conflict, increase productivity, make quick collaborative decisions, and turn your customers into fans!


Making Collaboration Real in Poland!

Please join Miki Kashtan for this 2-day workshop. For testimonials, costs, and information please contact info@dojrzewlania.pl or visit website.

Lynda Smith

Learning the Dance of Interdependence

a Lunchtime Series with Lynda Smith  

At its core, NVC is a consciousness that arises from an awareness of human needs. This awareness leads to certain practices that create more clarity and inner peace; the possibility for more collaboration; and the courage to express fully one's truth. Register!

Transforming Conflict

Would you like some support communicating with partner in an effective way?

Transforming Conflict, Deepening Connection with Kathy Simon on Sept 25th

Have you lost your sense of playfulness and easy connectedness as a couple?  In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the tensions in your relationship and to gain skills for understanding yourself and your partner more deeply.  Register!

Wishing that you or someone you know had man holding free signa solid foundation in Nonviolent Communication?

Join us for the first class for free!

  • Foundations 1 (San Francisco)- Tuesdays, starts August 23
  • Foundations 2 (Oakland) - Wednesdays, starts   September 7
  • Foundations 2 (Santa Rosa) - Thursdays, starts September 15  
  • Integration  2  (Oakland) - Mondays, starts  September 27
Newt Bailey
BayNVC in the Community! 
Join Newt Bailey for a Free Intro in SF, September 14, 2011, 7:00-9:00pm      

This intro is a lively exploration of the basics on Nonviolent Communication, a language and consciousness of compassion that can dramatically improve all of our relationships. Register!

Transforming Oppression

Transforming Oppression

with Nancy Kahn Thursday nights, 7-9pm beginning Sept 8th
Learn to relate compassionately and authentically in the face of differences. For more information, please contacNancy.r.kahn@gmail.com or 415-336-0992
Train the Trainers

Train The Trainers - United Kingdom

with Miki Kashtan  United Kingdom - September 9-15, 2011 

Join us for an adventure in learning, connecting, laughing, and deepening! 

More information or to register contact Penny at penny@headweb.co.uk  

Miki Kashtan

Principle Based Teaching Telecourse with Miki Kashtan

Free  Intro!- Sunday, 9/25 Register! 

Full Course- Sundays, 10/9-11/20  Register!

Shift the intention of your teaching from how to why!

The methodology Miki offers is to start with understanding what your audience face, continue with what they want to learn and how NVC can provide them with what they want, and end with how you can frame the principles in a language and context that speak to your audience's experience.


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