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picture of Dorrit, the EDGood news! We have collected almost $20,000 in donations for our summer appeal! Deep appreciation from the staff at BayNVC goes out to everyone who has donated so far.  Another $50,000 would help us make it through the summer and allow us to get started on some of our fall projects. If everyone reading this email donated $25 - $50 we would be well on our way to developing our new curricula while continuing all of our current projects.  Please Donate!


In our new feature, Adventures in NVC, we will share testimonials of how NVC is affecting people's lives.  We hope you will be as inspired as we are!   If you have a story to share with us, please email bulletin@baynvc.org. 


In anticipation of what we can create together! 

Dorrit Geshuri,  Executive Director

Adventures in NVC

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"I used to get in people's faces and be real mean when they didn't agree with me. After last week's class, I see there are lots of different ways to see things, and sometimes a lot of them might be right. It's easier for me now to talk with people about things when they don't agree. I used to think I was right and was going to make them agree or get them back. I'm surprised by how much I've learned in just 4 weeks. I started coming to this class to support my mom, but I really like what happens here, so I keep coming back. I like the things I'm learning about communicationgerber daisy - donate, learning how to talk about things. I didn't know that was possible before."  --Eugene


Twenty-year-old Eugene was accompanying his recently paroled mother to the Family Connection Program.  This is an NVC program for prison parolees and their families that our staff trainer, Meganwind Eoyang, leads at the Gamble Institute.  Your donations help support this class! 
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Collaboration in the Workplace

Embracing Challenges to Enhance Collaboration in the Workplace

with Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley  September 20 -24, 2011, Marconi Center, San Francisco


"We are more cooperative and less selfish than most people believe. Organizations should help us embrace our collaborative sentiments."  The Harvard Business Review, July/August 2011 issue.


Miki, Martha Industry experts are now recognizing what NVC practitioners have known for years; people working collaboratively accomplish objectives with more efficiency and ease and feel more satisfied with their jobs.  But what do we need to learn to collaborate well?  We need to learn how to engage in conflict in a productive way, to learn more about power, and engage effectively across power differences.

When you join Miki Kashtan and Martha Lasley for the Embracing Challenges to Enhance Collaboration retreat you will acquire the fundamental skills necessary to shift toward true collaboration within your organization. Learn to transform conflict, increase productivity, make quick collaborative decisions, and turn your customers into fans, to name a few! 


To find out more about the retreat, check out these video testimonials and video from the Making Collaboration Real Conference. Register for the Retreat!

From Mistrust to Collaboration
Miki Kashtan
by Miki Kashtan, The Fearless Heart

Lately, I have been invited to support managers at different levels who attempt to embrace a collaborative approach to management within their organizations. Despite their clear intentions and strong commitment, I have seen a pattern arise that slows down and sometimes even subverts their efforts. The good news is that tips exist for addressing the factors that interact to create this tragic consequence. Read Full Article (Managerial Tips Included!) 


ExpandingBette, an 83-year-old yoga master Inner Muscles  

with Arnina Kashtan  Only a week left to register!

Join with Arnina to explore the question "How can we accept ourselves when we act against our own best intentions?". Many of us often find it is easier to be compassionate towards others than towards ourselves. The punishment / non-deserving approach 

has been dominating our culture and minds so deeply that we find it almost impossible to embrace the notion that we are "OK".  

Arnina Kashtan - small


One-Day Intensive -  Sunday, August 14, 10am - 6pm         $280 - $140  

Two-Evening Series -Tuesdays, August 16 & 23, 5:30-9pm   $240 - $120

Complete Package -   Workshop AND Series                        $400 - $190


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More Compassion, More Power

with Kathy Simon October 25-30, 2011      

This retreat calls to new and veteran NVC practitioners who want to deepen their own compassionate presence and at the same time increase their sense of power and agency. The retreat will focus on developing more power and compassion in particular areas in our lives, including: being a couple, parenting, workplace issues and social change work. Join Kathy and her team for this adventure in NVC!  Register!


New Foundations 1 and 2 Series Starting!

(First class free for all Foundations 1 classes)  

F1 on Mondays in Oakland -Starts August 15th               Register!

F1 on Tuesdays in San Francisco - Starts August 23rd      Register!

F2 on Wednesdays in Oakland - Starts September 7th     Register!

F2 on Thursdays in Santa Rosa - Starts September 15th  Register!

reweaving the fabric - by Miki Kashtan
Celebrate with Us!

Miki Kashtan's Book Party   Monday, August 22, 6-9pm

Miki Kashtan recently finished writing her book "Reweaving Our Human Fabric: Transforming the Legacy of Separation into a Future of Collaboration". We will have excerpts from the book read by Miki, live music, and a sculpture exhibition. PLEASE BRING FOOD TO SHARE! Tickets  

Newt Bailey

Would you like to dramatically improve your  

personal and professional relationships?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011  

Join Newt Bailey for a lively exploration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a language and consciousness of compassion.  Live modeling demonstrates how the NVC process can be used in a wide variety of real-life situations.  Register!

Transforming Oppression
Transforming Oppression is Back by Popular Demand!

with Nancy Kahn  Thursday nights, 7-9pm beginning Sept 8th

We will address the complexity of how to navigate moments when the "flame and/or passion" that burns within ourselves for social justice, is active, and hold an intention to relate compassionately and/or authentically in the face of differences. For more information, please contact Nancy.r.kahn@gmail.com or 415-336-0992.   

Are You Dedicated to Sharing NVC with Parents Around the World?

A Leadership Training Program with Ingrid Bauer and Stephanie Bachmann Mattei

Ingrid Bauer


The Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP) is designed for NVC practitioners who are dedicated to sharing NVC with parents.  The purpose of this year-long telecourse is to support these practitioners in deepening their capacity to understand, live and share NVC. For more program information visit PPLP or contact pplp11@baynvc.org

Train the Trainers

Train The Trainers - United Kingdom

with Miki Kashtan  United Kingdom - September 9-15, 2011 

Come join us for an adventure in learning, connecting, laughing, and deepening!

More information or to register contact Penny at penny@headweb.co.uk  

Cost:   300 for room & board, 400 - 900 for tuition

MCR Hands

Making Collaboration Real Travels to Poland!

with Miki Kashtan  Near Warsaw Poland - September 3-4, 2011 

"Never again will you believe that a person is too hard to work with, a decision too complicated to make, or a conversation too difficult to have." Shyrl McCormick, Fearless Conversations, Participant of MCR 


Practicing compassion and authenticity at work opens the door to a consciousness that wakes people up to their full potential and supports productivity, high morale, and trust. Please join Miki Kashtan for this 2-day workshop. For testimonials, costs, and information please contact info@dojrzewlania.pl or visit website

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